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National Health Insurance Bill … signed into law. … South Africa – jj

National Health Insurance Bill … signed into law. … South Africa

The NHI Bill will destroy what is left of South Africa’s once world leading health industry. EVERYTHING FOR FREE!



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  1. Cyril is just trying to keep the piece between the people. Little does he kno how much damage he is doing, but do you think he gives a f…? HELL NO! I think we should start looting all the McDonald’s here in SA as they all belong to Cyril terrorist Ramaphoza! They are brain draining their own people and making promises ONCE (I’ll say it again) ONCE again.. ??‍♂️ You must be dumb as f… if you cannot see wot is going on here.

  2. The Sangoma will become the top doctors in South African with not only the highest pay but the highest death fatalities which is why white people will move away and create their own Orania and now the new one Suidlanders it just makes sense.. God may have a plan after all..? ?????

  3. My goodness, these people are stupid. There you go, libtards like Discovery who has been pandering to the ANC. Get yourself a whole scoop full. The liberals of South Africa is as much to blame as the ANC.

  4. Fact check! Current nursing staff, without rank at local S.A. private hospitals are actually only Health Care Facilitators. They do not have a formal qualification and merely did a six week course in basic medical assistance. I am a serial investigator, Sleuth and curious minded individual and therefore spend all my time asking questions. It is fun, until it bites you on reality.

    I spent quite some time in hospitals some time ago as a visitor to six different patients, two of whom have passed due to medical negligence. I therefore had the opportunity to question and observe staff at six different institutions over a period of two months. It was shocking and the aiding 'nurses' confirmed their statuses at every private institution as being a certified six week course only.

    The reason is that hospitals can apparently not afford to pay legally qualified nursing staff and other. The two deaths of close friends were avoidable, imminent due to pure negligence.

  5. People booking off sick will increase 300 % or more. When I go to the Dr now for blood pressure and a repeat script, I'm away from the office for 1 hour, and then I continue working. Not any more. It will be a full day off and that is IF I get to see a Dr.
    As it is, government employees with medical aid currently utilize ALL their sick leave because they feel they are entitled to it. The rest will follow suit. Absenteeism in the workplace will increase drastically. Sadly the economy will take a huge knock.

  6. We are actually between 70-80 million in South Africa according to a UNISA Prof study on migration. All those additional people will put extra pressure on any social programmes incl. The NHI BS. They are so blinded by ideology they ignore studies done by their own people in the ANC.

  7. This reminds me of a joke I once heard about a man going to hell and seeing all the people standing, up to their armpits in excrement, all drinking tea. "Hell isn't so bad", he thought until the supervisor said, "tea time's over. On your heads".

  8. So let me get this straight : they’re setting up a national health insurance which has NO chance of ever succeeding , they’re then preventing people from getting their own private health insurance because the NHI would be useless so exactly where is the man in the street supposed to get health care ? Or have I misunderstood the whole system … and can we also address the biggest issue … where is the money coming from to set all of this up ?

  9. Best thing in the world. It is a moral obligation to help the sick an injured. Beware of the greedy capitalistic insurance companies. You don't have money you die. It paid through taxes for the public good.

  10. Millions will die because of this in the end. What will happen when the millions don't get their anti-retrovirals? SA still has vast numbers living with HIV last time I checked… and that's just the start of it.
    Within the next decade millions will die. The government is systematically destroying all the elements that have allowed the SA population to explode over the last century: 1) Food availability will drop with land expropriation 2) this will destroy medical care 3) municipal maladministration will continue and along with Eskom diving will lead to the surfacing, re-surfacing and the spread of disease 4) acts of violence and murder will continue to increase as desperation increases 5) unemployment will skyrocket making everything much worse as expropriation will destroy what is left of the economy…
    SA is doomed! Run! Now! Even if you have to pack what you can on your bakkie, buy some Pulas and cross into Botswana or something, do it! Don't wait for the last minute when SA's neighbours close the borders and the airports become non-functional and you can't afford airplane tickets anyway because of hyper inflation.
    It is coming…

  11. They tell us they are the same yet they have to keep on sucking from white society. Folks, these are Stone Age clowns. We need to stop pretending that it’s only the color of their skin that’s different. ITS NOT!!!!

  12. The Stone Age morons have finally hijacked white society. The primitives can’t look after their own so they steal from others. These black bongos don’t belong in the civilized world!

  13. Sir, I can't speak freely here, but I have firsthand knowledge of certain developments currently in progress in a certain chain of Private Hospitals which I think might be closely if not directly related to this Bill.

    A Google search for: private hospital building new clinics south africa
    Should provide you with a clue.

    Thank you once again for all you do.

  14. Well that may be where ouma lindiwe is going to get her money for building houses. Or its just another injection of billions into coffers for stealing. They know they managed to wreck it and are taking what they can while they can. Lets hope they'll then bugger off.

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