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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Lands In FCC Labs Confirming Design Rumors – jj

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Lands In FCC Labs Confirming Design Rumors


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The FCC is frequently the first place where we get a glimpse at real life images of a smartphone before it launches. The devices have to go through the FCC to get the approvals they need to be sold in the U.S., and the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is no exception. The Note 10+ has landed at the FCC, and the agency was kind enough to snap pictures and share them with the world.

The images confirm the design that we have seen in renderings and via leaked smartphone case renderings. The FCC images show the triple camera array on the rear. Also noted on the back is an offset camera thought to be a depth sensor. There is another sensor under what is believed to be the depth sensor.

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One thing worth pointing out in the FCC images compared to the leaked case renders we saw earlier this month is that those case renderings showed a Galaxy Note 10+ that had three sensors next to the camera array and a Galaxy Note 10 with a single sensor next to the camera array. It’s hard to tell in the images from the FCC if there is a third sensor to the right of the camera array, it looks as if there is and it’s just hard to make out.

The images don’t show a headphone port indicating that the 3.5mm port is no more; something that rumors have suggested. The Galaxy Note 10+ has a power button and a volume rocker on the left side. No physical fingerprint scanner on the front or back likely indicates an ultrasonic, under screen sensor, will be used.

The image of the front of the smartphone is hard to make out in the poor lighting, but the hole punch front camera is there. The FCC also calls out an unremovable back cover and a battery that isn’t user accessible. The official launch for the Galaxy Note 10 devices will come on August 7.

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