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The Best Smartphone Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019 — Save Big on LG & Samsung! – jj

The Best Smartphone Deals on Amazon Prime Day 2019 — Save Big on LG & Samsung!


Amazon Prime Day is nearly here, but that doesn’t mean the deals are a mystery. Sure, most of Amazon’s best sales and discounts won’t be announced until Prime Day itself, but we already know some awesome smartphone deals thanks to a handful of early sneak-peeks.

If these previews are any indication, Amazon is offering LG and Samsung fans some major deals. With one exception, these two phone manufacturers are currently the only ones featured on Prime Day-specific deals. We’re sure more will appear once Prime Day actually hits, but you can save big on that Galaxy or Stylo device today. Of course, you need to be a Prime member to take advantage of these great deals.

Please note that Amazon likes to switch up their deals and discounts quite frequently, so some deals listed here could be priced differently depending on when you check them out.

Samsung Deals

We Samsung fans are the ones who really benefit from Amazon’s discount day this year. As you can see below, there’s a long list of Galaxy phones with some heavy reductions in price. These aren’t just last year’s models, either — Amazon’s letting you save $100+ on the S10+ and S10e this year, not to mention almost $300 off certain Note 9 models:

LG Deals

LG’s deals, when compared to Samsung’s, are few and far between. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good deals here. The best by far is $140 off an LG Stylo, but the Q6 also has some significant savings. Check out the two deals below to see if either is right for you:

Other Deals

The only other Prime Day-exclusive deal that we see currently live is for the Moto G6. If you’re looking to save $44 off this phone, Amazon has you covered. This deal is only for the Deep Indigo model, but if you can get behind the color, the savings are all yours:

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