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The Marriage of Benny & Suzanne Hinn – jj

The Marriage of Benny & Suzanne Hinn

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  1. Benny Bullshit Hinn, not sure if there is life after death but I am sure him & all the other religious money grabbing hypocrites will be together in the same place specially reserved for their despicable kind?

  2. I feel sorry for any poor soul that follows or dares to listen to the freak carnival show these people display! You people that believe his mockery of God is real… I pity your pathetic lives! He is fake!!!

  3. How many "seeds were planted by people with the money they could not spare for this extravaganza? They could not have done this small and private? So terribly sad that the little guys whom this charlatan bilked paid for this farse. And she has the nerve to wear white?

  4. This Guy gets so Attacked but in the End it's those who know they have been Healed that care not what others think, As for Judging we have Discernment AND we MUST be very careful that we Don't Label the work of the Holy Spirit as Anything else. WE ARE talking about GOD ALMIGHTY and we Should be taking off our Shoes for we are on Holy Ground.

  5. Benny is a joke. Scripture says marriage is 'til death do us part. He was already married to her when he "remarried" her. There is NO remarriage in scripture. Maybe Paula White and her REAL first husband should bone up on getting to know scripture also.

  6. Shouldn't a true disciple of Jesus be celibate as we know no family ties of apostles after they accepted Jesus. A true disciple is expected to go all over the world according to the ways asked by Jesus. Are they not expected to walk like Jesus?

  7. These clowns. They saw that their show/business were in jeopardy, that's why they mounted this charade. Is incredible how people fall for these con artists (Copeland, Wommack, Prince, Kuhlman, etc), the list is large as broad is the path of destruction.

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