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This condition kept for Pakistan to open Airspace: Today's five major news – jj

This condition kept for Pakistan to open Airspace: Today's five major news


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Pakistan has said that it will not open its airspace or Airspace for commercial flights of India until the IAF does not remove its fighters from the advance airbase.

Pakistan's aviation secretary Shahrukh Nusrat recently informed this to a parliamentary committee.

Pakistan has closed its airspace since Balakot Air Strike.

After the Pulwama attack, India claimed to have targeted the hideouts of militant outfit Jaish-e-Mohammed in Balakot. After this, Pakistan had completely shut down its airfield on February 26.

Nusrat told the committee that the Indian government requested Pakistan to open airspace.

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Railway can not be privatized: Piyush Goyal

Railway Minister Piyush Goyal has said that the railways can not be privatized. This is not the question and it is not the government agenda.

On Friday, he clarified that instead of showcasing new trains for political gains, the central government has intent on working on PPP model to increase facilities and investments.

Replying to a discussion last Thursday till late Thursday night on the grants under the Ministry of Railways for 2019-20 in the Lok Sabha, he said that I have repeatedly said that the railways will not be privatized.

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Anshula Kant

India's Anshula Kant became World Bank MD

State Bank of India Managing Director, Anshula Kant has been appointed as MD and Chief Financial Officer of the World Bank.

World Bank President David Malpas told that Anshula's responsibility is to be financial and risk management.

They will report directly to the World Bank President.

On Friday, Malpass said that Anshula Kant has over 35 years of experience using SBI, finance, banking and technology. He is expert in facing leadership challenges.

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Supreme court on Maratha reservation

In its order on Friday, the Supreme Court said that the reservation given in the education and jobs to the Maratha community on behalf of the Maharashtra government will not be implemented in a pre-efficient manner.

Along with this, the Supreme Court also issued a notice to the state government in this matter and sought the response.

A bench chaired by Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi did not bar the Bombay High Court order to uphold the Constitutional validity of the Maratha Reservation Act, but made it clear that the Bombay High Court, which gave effect to reservations to the Maratha community before 2014, The order of the order will not be implemented.

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Terrazza will leave official residence

British Prime Minister Teriza May said that in the coming 12 days, he will leave his official residence.

Terryza May said that with the mixed feelings of pride and despair, they will go from here in the next 12 days. In the interview to the BBC, he acknowledged that he had lowered the views of some MPs on the issue of breakage.

He said that he had no idea that some MPs were not ready for any kind of agreement on the issue of breakage.

In Terryza said, "I underestimated the views of some MPs, in the same way there were some people who were always involved in the promotion for Bregzit but they did not vote for this deal because they had a special view of brazitz Was. "

"And they did not want to go around with their votes, and on the other hand there were some people who did not want to be separated without any deal but were not ready to vote for the deal."

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