This special kind of farming will be done every month, earning millions of rupees every month – start pearl farming business help you earn lakhs of rupee a month big business opportunity with some amount of money


If you are planning to start a business sitting at home, then we are telling you about a business that started in Asia from Dehradun in Uttarakhand. Asia is earning more than Rs 4 lakh annually from this business. This business is the cultivation of pearls, let you know that the government also lends itself to the cultivation of pearls. Also, many government organizations also train it. Pearl cultivation can also be started at a small level.

To do this farming you will need these things.

You have to make 500 sq.ft. pond for this. In the pond, you can start pearl production by 100 pieces of pearls. Each oyster market costs 15 to 25 rupees. For this, the structure will be set-up cost-up to 10 to 12 thousand rupees, water treatments will cost you Rs 1000 and 1000 rupees for the instruments.

Let's learn about the cultivation of pearls …(1) How much will earn- After 20 months of cultivation, a pearl is prepared from one oyster, which is available in the market from Rs 300 to Rs 1500. Better quality and designer pearls are available in the international market for more than Rs 10,000. (Read also: Earn 15 thousand rupees per month, Start in 1.14 lakhs business)

In this way, if you consider the average price of a pearl 800 rupees then you can earn up to 80,000 rupees in this period. You can increase the number of oysters depending on your resources, for example if you make 2000 syrup, it will cost around Rs 2 lakh. Accordingly, you can earn up to Rs 1 lakh per month on a 15 to 20 month crop. Provided your pearls are of better quality.

(2) Where will the seeds get from- First of all, you need training from skilled scientists for this farming which is done by the Government of India. After training, you will have to buy coconut from government institutions or fishermen. The oysters are left in open water for two days. This makes their armor and muscles loose.

The oysters should not be kept out of water for a long time. After loose muscles, after surgery of oysters, a small particle of sand is inserted into it by making a hole of 2 to 3 mm on their surface. When the grain of sand pits the oyster, it starts releasing the substance that is coming out of it.

The oysters are left in a nylon bag (2 to 3 in a bag) left in the pond with the support of bamboo or PVC pipe. After 15 to 20 months, the pearl is prepared in oyster, you can break the pavement by breaking its armor. (Read also: Government gift to employees, deduction in ESI contribution)

(4) Government gives training- Under the Indian Council for Agriculture Research, a new Wing CIFA i.e. the Central Institute of Freshwater Aquaculture offers free training for it.

Its headquarter is in Bhubaneswar and it provides 15 days of training, in which everything is taught including surgery. The cultivation of pearls was done earlier in the coastal areas, but after the use of Ceifa, other states are also eligible for this.

(5) Where to get loan- If you have training of pearl farming then you can also take a loan to start it at a bigger level. For this, NABARD and other commercial banks provide loans on simple interest for 15 years.

The scheme of subsidy on the part of the central government is also run from time to time. If you succeed in this, you can increase your business and make a company and earn money in crores.

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