Walking on the road, auto ambulance, transporting the injured to the hospital, gets medicines. Auto ambulance in Delhi helps people


new Delhi: Delhi is the heart of Delhi's heart. Where every kind of people live, many people help the needy. So somewhere the needy people look blind. But there is an auto on the road of Delhi which is not auto, 'auto ambulence'. This auto has helped many injured people till now.

Auto driver special talks with Kee News
Sardar Harjinder Singh, the driver of this auto, saved his life of 76 years of age, if Harjinder was not there, then he could not save his life. Harjinder Singh told Zee News that since 1976, they run auto in Delhi and have written in front of their auto that free 'embulance' and 'sugar is given free' and have written their mobile number and also have their own Together with a large first aid box, you walk along.

Hospital delivering injured in free
Harjinder told that whenever he sees someone's accident on the road and someone is injured, then he gets to the hospital in free of charge and if someone's call comes for sugary illness, then his diary with his name, name and address And whenever he has to take a ride to go to the area, then he gets medicines to his house.

Children also serve people
Singh has also received an appropriation certificate from the police over the past several years. They have two children, in which one son runs auto and another is the rural service. Harjinder said that he loves to serve people. Their gurus taught them this only.

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