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Boat, trailers and train with ingot (unloading and loading) – jj

Boat, trailers and train with ingot (unloading and loading)

I present to you in Puerto Moín and around the row of vans (to be loaded with ingot), maneuvers of the unloading of ingot (steel / iron) from a ship, the loading and unloading of these vans in the premises of the INCOFER in Moín, that day came about 40 vans to load ingot from the ship and then unload in the railway yard with the help of forklifts, and once everything in order daily does its thing with the exclusive forklift helps to load ingots to the wagons platforms of the INCOFER to be later carried by locomotives to the Arcelor – Mittal Plant (Costa Rican Laminator) located in Anita Grande de Jiménez, Pococí (in a route of 95 km by train). The freight train is a very efficient, economical, comfortable, reliable, safe and cheap means of transport (saves a lot of diesel expenses instead of making many trips in round-trip vans, travel by train, freight, goods or passengers helps to reduce the oil bill, with only a single locomotive or two can carry up to 25 flat cars loaded with ingot, as each car is loaded with 24 steel bars weighing 1.7 tons which in total per car is 40 tons of ingot, let's think that a sedan car weighs between 950 kg to 1 ton, a train with 18 – 20 wagons loaded with ingot with a single locomotive in flat terrain can carry between 700 to 800 tons); move or circulate vans with ingot with 6 axes on route 32 from Moín to Laminadora Costarricense is risky, it is better to do it by train to avoid any tragedy that occurs on route 32 (which threatens the lives of drivers, companions , pedestrians and avoid damage to property and third parties). The freight, goods and passenger train is the best option.


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