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Clayderman Marriage D'Amour Piano Tutorial Slow – jj

Clayderman Marriage D'Amour Piano Tutorial Slow

Request from Malaysia. Level 5. Key G minor, not Bb major. I assumed marriage would be in a happy key 🙂 If your hands are small, play octaves using fingers …



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  1. I love your videos…. just have a comment….. at 0:47, you play it Eb Eb D D C C Eb D, but I can clearly hear in the original Richard Clayderman video sounds like Eb Eb D D C D Eb D… There are differences of course, and I understand they are part of the interpretation, but that change just does not sound good…. 🙁

  2. Hi there Jane, thanks a lot for this tutorial! I do however, have a question about it. It's in relation to the pedaling. I'm currently learning the piano, and for the few past pieces I've learnt there was no pedaling symbols on the scores, so I simply adopted my own. The sheet music for this piece I have although transcribes to use the pedal all the way through for almost every measure? Am I right in thinking I am supposed to hold the sustain pedal for the entire measure? Or is it supposed to be played differently? Thanks in advance!

  3. thank you for this !! i was trying to learn how to play the part where you press two "ti" on two different octaves altogether. i can't quite get it cause i have to make sure my fingers are pressing the right keys on the right but my left hand also can't sol-re-ti without getting distracted TvT I'LL just keep practicing i guess 🙂 any advice on which hand should i give my attention to?
    thank you!! <3

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