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High Stakes Poker | Season 3 – Episode 7 – jj

High Stakes Poker | Season 3 – Episode 7

High Stakes Poker : Season 3 : Episode 7
Producers : Henry Orenstein, Mori Eskandani
Production location : Nevada
Running time : 43 minutes
Original network : GSN
Original release : 2007


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  1. In an earlier episode Gabe said the higher the stakes, the more calm cool and collected the players are and have to have their lives together to play at this level and don't lose their cool over loses. Then every episode he talks about who is steaming and what bad moods players have been put into by cold decks, being drawn out, and getting out played. Well, which is it? Are they in control of their emotions or not? Wondering if anyone here knows the real answer to that question.

  2. My God, looking back at this show, the level of poker is just terrible sometimes. The shove by Greenstein with AQ on an insanely dry board, one of the tightest players at the table, the reraise on the turn by Wasicka against Sammy (or the all-in by Wasicka with A7) on the turn. All terrible plays.

  3. Eli Elezra: Here is 2000 , put the 4800 straddle on Jennifer, ok?
    Jennifer Harman: You will give 2000?
    Eli Elezra: Sammy do you object?
    Sammy: (Thinking) No I don't object.
    Gabe Kaplan: Jennifer throws her hand away 🙂
    No surprise there, 2 gamblers and one very tight poker player.

  4. Mouth told Wasacka "don't worry you will get Aces eventually" after Paul went a whole set without calling once. Two episodes later, Paul gets Aces and was only the second time he called more than 900. Definition of a nit.

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