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How to Make a Wager on TwinSpires.com – jj

How to Make a Wager on TwinSpires.com

How to make a wager on TwinSpires.com is part of the TwinSpires.com How-to-Video Series. Learn how to quickly and easily make a wager on TwinSpires.com – The Official Online Wagering Site of the Kentucky Derby.


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  1. That is a lot different way to bet on Twinspires than I do. Your way looks much more complicated. When I click on wager now, then I select express, I then select my tracks, it is laid out much better, and easier to bet that way.

  2. If I had only known about this site, I would of been on it a very long time ago. This is so geat!!! It shows everything you need to know and see up front, and replays of each race!!! I hope a great deal of people get on and have so muc fun as I have. You won't be sorry I promise you. Jackie

  3. Why don’t you allow submitting text files of trifectas? It is impossible to play more than a couple of trifectas by clicking on horse numbers, as you have now. It is much more convenient to go to an OTW and show them a piece of paper with typed trifectas …

    Ion Saliu
    saliu com horses html

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