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Important sentence about fibromyalgia. – jj

Important sentence about fibromyalgia.

Important sentence about fibromyalgia.

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In this video the lawyer in Granada Ramón Escribano Garés, specialist in claiming permanent disability pensions in any of its degrees and issues related to Social Security, will comment on a recent ruling of the Superior Court of Justice of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria in which recognizes an absolute permanent disability pension for a worker suffering from fibromyalgia.

There are two very interesting aspects that we want to highlight from this sentence:

1.- The first one is the analysis that makes about the absolute permanent disability pension, which is the one that disables the worker for all kinds of jobs. Analyze that the work can not be inhumane or threaten the dignity of the worker.

2.- The situation of absolute permanent disability to the worker is also recognized, the main condition being severe fibromyalgia, with chronic generalized pain syndrome typical of fibromyalgia cases.

It also assesses the limitations that said fibromyalgia causes in the worker and that prove that she can not perform any type of work.

They can access the text of said ruling in this link, where they will be directed to a database of public jurisprudence and in which this ruling has been collected:

If the link does not take them to the website copy the text of the link in the Google search engine.
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