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INTERVIEW Seguros Monterrey – jj

INTERVIEW Seguros Monterrey

The insurance sector in Mexico has grown above national performance thanks to the young and economically active population that increasingly has the culture and needs to protect their assets, says the CEO of Seguros Monterrey-New York Life, Mario Vela.
In an interview with Pedro Ferriz, the executive talks about the situation and prospects of the company and of this entire insurance industry that currently represents 2.1 percent of the national Gross Domestic Product, even below what this activity represents in other countries. .
Vela Berrondo, with extensive experience and knowledge of the business, points out that one of the main challenges for insurers in Mexico is to anticipate the future and promote retirement plans, so that the end of working life is a pleasure and not everything. contrary. Subscribe to Ferriz LIVE TV here:

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  1. Tuve la oportunidad de conocer a Mario Vela en AMEX y al ver esta entrevista me da mucho gusto ver sus logros, su crecimiento y que se ve una persona con conocimiento y experiencia. Espero un día verlo en algún puesto en el Gobierno Mexicano, llevando e impulsando la economía de este país.

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