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Justice 4️⃣ Demiyah White || Demiyahs Mother Explains Everything ? – jj

Justice 4️⃣ Demiyah White || Demiyahs Mother Explains Everything ?

Justice 4️⃣ Demiyah White || Demiyahs Mother Explains Everything ? THEY TOOK MY 6 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER AWAY FROM ME ALIVE AND GAVE HER …


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  1. There have been so many children who have died in the care of foster parents and the system. They should absolutely be held responsible for the death of your child. I feel like they know they f*cked up and they tried to cover it up.

    We will not let them get away with doing this to you and your child. This is completely unacceptable and the way they did you is very suspect to me. The fact that they didn't even have proper paperwork on your case when there are kids involved is very enraging. I am sitting here dumbfounded. I will speak out as much as I can on your behalf. I cannot stand hearing stories like this.

    And the trolls need to STFU. They don't understand how corrupt this system is and they've been brainwashed to believe that CPS always works in the best interest of children when 9/10 they are destroying families and children more than they are helping them. I can go on and on…I am sending you vibes of love and support.

    You will get through this hun. I know you will never be the same and I am so sorry for this. You and your daughter do not deserve this. I believe your child passed away from neglect and from going through withdrawals from not having her medication that she needed to survive. I would definitely have a private autopsy done on her if you have the funds. Do not let them sweep this under the rug. xoxoxoxox

  2. I'm not sure if Charity will see my comment, but I hope that she does. First off, I am so sorry for your loss. There is no pain like the loss of a child. Nothing comes close. Nothing in the world hurts more than that. I dont know you, but I saw the news story on the WDRB news facebook page. My heart goes out to you. CPS in this state is a damn disgrace. I have dealt with them when I lived in Louisville, and let me tell you they are like the plague. They do not give up because they want YOU to give up. They do not go away easily. They will absolutely come into your home and take your kids for no reason like it ain't nothing. They did it to me. My oldest son passed away in 2010 from SIDS. I also had a 3 year old daughter at the time, and CPS got involved and took my daughter from me and placed her with her father who lived in Indiana. So not only did I lose my infant son, my daughter was taken from me as well. I couldn't sleep. I was afraid to turn off the lights and be in the dark. I lost my voice for a month because all I could do was scream and cry after my son passed away. I was completely lost. My caseworker LIED MULTIPLE TIMES to me, to the judge, and she illegally went across state lines to advise my daughter's father and his family to not allow me to have any contact with my child. She would ignore my calls and texts. Would not give me an update about our case. Got my hopes up several times for nothing. There was no court order for my child to be taken or kept from me until our first court date, so my child was basically kidnapped. There was not a damn thing I could do. I had to take classes that had nothing to do with the case, go to grief counseling, see a therapist, go to group therapy, and all the while be kept from my daughter. Every time I would be allowed to call her on the phone, she would be crying begging to come home. Every time I was allowed to see her, she would be dirty and her face would be scraped and scratched up. I had to travel to Indiana to see her, and she would be so dirty I would have to give her a bath because they weren't doing it. It broke my heart to see her like that. Her hair was greasy and a mess. Her face had a big bloody looking scab on her cheek. Her forehead was bruised up. Sometimes when I would go visit her, they knew I was coming, and wouldn't even answer the door. I knocked on their door until my knuckles were bloody. I could hear her in there talking, and them telling her to be quiet, and nobody would let me in to see her. Her father and his family were absolutely unfit to care for her, but CPS refused to place her with me. This went on for months. I went to court dates, and "staffings" (which were meetings with CPS workers where they would tell me I wasnt going to get my daughter back anytime soon) with so much hope that I would get my daughter back, only to be told that I was unfit. That didn't stop me from fighting for her though. Eventually, I got really lucky, and my caseworker was taken off the case and I was given a new one that actually gave a shit. After my new caseworker came along, I got my daughter back. But by then, her father and his family brainwashed her into being afraid of me. Our bond was broken. And it took a long time for her to be close to me again. She's 13 now, and we're closer than ever. But I still live in fear that CPS will walk through my door and demand that I give her up again. Or give up my youngest son. I stay afraid. I'm afraid right now typing this, because I worry that my old case worker will see this comment somehow, which is why I'm not including her name. That's what CPS wants though. They want you afraid. They want you to give up. They want you to stop fighting. I never stopped fighting for my daughter. Which is why you can never stop fighting for yours. Even though she's gone, you have to keep fighting. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will make you feel better. As much as you're hurting, and you want to give up, and cry, and scream, and lay down and die along with Miyah, you gotta keep going. You gotta get your other babies back. No matter what it takes, no matter what you have to do. Do it. I hope your story exposes the corruption in this shithole state, and that it finally sheds light on what CPS has been doing all these years. They are baby snatchers, and human traffickers. The world needs to know. I hope you get justice for your baby girl. Sending all my prayers to you. <3 (sorry this is so long!)

  3. I am so very sorry for the loss of your daughter. A wonderful mother that takes care of her kids and this is what happens!!!!!! WTF is wrong with ppl!!!!!!!!! The judge didn’t even know what the hell was going on. This should of never happened!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to be held accountable for this babygirl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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