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Powerbeats Pro Now Being Sold In 20 More Countries – jj

Powerbeats Pro Now Being Sold In 20 More Countries


Apple has made the Powerbeats Pro available in 20 more countries, with most of them in Europe.

The following countries can now order the Powerbeats Pro- United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Thailand, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Singapore, Russia, Portugal, Poland, Philippines, Norway, New Zealand, Netherlands, Japan, Italy, Ireland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Finland, Denmark, Czech Republic, China, Belgium and Austria.

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The headphones will only be available in black come launch, with options such as Navy, Moss and Ivory being introduced later this year. It’s Apple’s first foray into the totally wireless headphones that features ‘Hey Siri’, the H1 chip and faster response between the Apple Watch, iPhone and compatible devices.

The sportier version of the Apple AirPods includes four different-sized tips, secure-fit ear hooks and are sweat-proof and built to be durable. A single full charge can last up to 9 hours, with more juice when users put them in the charging case.

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