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11-Yr-Previous's iPhone 6 Catches Fireplace in California and causes sparks flying in all places! – jj

11-Yr-Previous's iPhone 6 Catches Fireplace in California and causes sparks flying in all places!


11 year Kayla Ramos from California, United States reported recently that her Apple iPhone 6 caught fire. She could see sparks all around before throwing it on a blanket.

While speaking to local channel 23ABC, Ramos said

“I was sitting down, and I had my iPhone 6 in my hand and then I saw sparks flying everywhere and I just threw it on a blanketI was right here on the bed and the phone managed to burn through the blanket and make these holes”

Ramos’ mother Maria Adata reported about the mishap to Apple Support a day after the incident. She was requested by Apple to ship, pictures and the damaged device to the retailer.

In a statement to 23ABC, Adata said “This could have been my child. My child could have been caught on fire and she could have been hurt more and I am glad she’s ok”

“I know we charge it a lot maybe that caused it, maybe it overheated,” Kayla’s mother said.

Maria Adata confirmed that Apple Tech support is investigating the matter but there has been no official confirmation yet. Adata is expecting a replacement to the burnt out phone.

Meanwhile, if we look at the recent history, this is not the first time that an incident of iPhone catching fire has been reported by users. The first one was reported in the year 2014 by a 14-year-old school girl from Kennebunk. She had kept an Apple iPhone 5C her pocket which caught fire and she sustained second-degree burns. Another one which was reported was a couple of years back. iPhone 7 Plus was caught smoking in a viral Twitter video. December 2018 saw a three-weeks-old iPhone XS Max on smoke. At that time the phone was kept in the rear pocket of man from Ohio, United States. The customer was not satisfied with the replacement option offered by the company after the incident though.

The company has come up with possible reasons leading to devices going up in smoke. One that needs attention is unauthorized charging cables or charger or making unauthorized repairs. Other possible reasons are a damaged or very old battery. In order to get the best performance, Apple recommends the use of moderate temperatures. Consumers should avoid using Apple devices in extreme hot or too cold temperatures. Too long exposure to heat or direct sunlight can also cause damage to the battery.

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