Apple Park prices greater than Four billion: report | Priced Apple Park prices greater than Four billion: report


San francisco The valuation of the prestigious Apple Park in Cupertino equals 3.6 billion. This information was given by Santa Clara Country. According to a report by the San Francisco Chronicle, how many can it be sold? This assessment does not match perfectly with its market value. But it is based on detailed evaluation of the building, which was stated in 2017. It will cost up to 4.17 billion after incorporating the accessories of computer, furniture and ground maintenance.

Further in the report it has been stated that apart from the space of 28 lakh sq ft of legendary park, high quality goods used in it, the finest glass and complex design used in it reflects the most different in Silicon Valley. Silicon Valley has the world's most valuable real estate.

The iPhone manufacturer has to pay one percent of its earnings, which is $ 4 million this year.

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