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Bihar flood: What’s going to save folks in 5 hours after water involves Kosi? – Floor Report – jj

Bihar flood: What’s going to save folks in 5 hours after water involves Kosi? – Floor Report



A month ago, Bihar, which was suffering from Lu, is now dying from the flood.

Since the last two weeks, due to heavy rains in the border area of ​​Nepal and Bihar, there has been a huge increase in the water level of the rivers. Flood water has entered in many districts of Uttar Bihar, Araria, Kishanganj, Faribisganj, Purnia, Supaul, Madhubani, Darbhanga and Katihar.

Kosi, Kamala, Bagmati, Gandak, Mahananda, along with hundreds of hundred villages settled near the embankments of all the small rivers, including Uttar Bihar, have become submerged.

There is also news of the breakdown of an embankment in Kamlesh Banan of Madhubani. Although the administration claims that the embankment is currently safe.

According to media reports, 29 people have died since the flood in Bihar. Chief Minister Nitish Kumar conducted an air survey of flood affected areas on Sunday and instructed to speed up relief and rescue operations.

On Monday morning we arrived in Farbisgun to report the situation arising out of the flood. Some people were discussing with each other while sitting in a tea shop at the College Chowk, FarbisGanj along the NH 27.

The day was not clear at eight o'clock in the morning. The sky was reddened in black. Due to the continuous rains from above, the fear of people was increasing.

Tea shop running mo Islam says, "There is a shop in this place for forty years, it is in the highest place (the highway). Last time (in 2008), there was no water even when a fierce flood came, but this time it will touch. Near the adjacent highway, the water in which the water flows (the Kosi flows) is flooded.

On Saturday night, when the water of Kosi Barrage reached three lakh inhabitants cusec and all the 56 gates of the barrage were opened, then water was filled with porosity in many areas of Araria, Faribisganj, Supaul, Madhepura and Katihar.

With the sudden rise in the water level, the memories of the catastrophic floods in 2008 have come to light in the area of ​​the people of the area.

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Because water can ever come

The worst fears came when the driver of the four-wheeler we were roaming for reporting of flood-affected areas said that "You should roam around as much as you like in the night, at night I have to stay at home because the water never Can come. Nothing can be said. "

On Monday, on the Kosi Barrage, two lakh six thousand cusec water was recorded at ten in the morning. Everyday updates on the blackboards near the barrage keep recording. According to the records, from Sunday evening till Monday morning, about fifteen thousand cusec water was raised.

On Saturday, after the water level increased suddenly, the water level started to subside on Sunday. But again, rising water level started worrying. At the time when we were standing on the Kosi Barrage, 30 garas of barrage were open. No officer was present on the barrage control, the security guard said that the SDO has gone to the site to inspect. "

Standing from the Kosi Barrage and looking towards Bihar, water was visible only around the water. The stream was so intense that it was scared, but it was not enough to sink the barrage.

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Photos of the floodless Bihar

Has become a habit of flood

Embankments have been built on both sides to coagulate the waters of Kosi. Eastern and western embankments Millions of people living on both sides of the embankment are affected by the flood.

During the passage of the embankment, people were visible only by building a tent near the roadside, making scaffolds.

This area of ​​the embankment which was towards the river was completely submerged. People were forced to take shelter on the road with their belongings, grains and cattle.

In order to get the supaul from Farbisganj, there are some refugees on the road built on the embankment. The people of Goripatti village of Dhololi Panchayat of Saraigarh Block. Flood water has entered in about 200 houses of the village.

In the conversation, people said that water had entered their homes from the same day on the day the water level suddenly increased.

Kalawati Devi, who is taking out grains from the mung beans on the road, says, "There was so much water coming in that we did not get the time, everything was easy to come, suddenly, the water was filled up to the waist in the house. There is a crisis in making food, the water is completely wet and will remain water for at least two months.

This situation arises every year in Dholi and nearby areas. People have now become habituated to withstand floods.

After entering the village, it came to know that no one has come from the administration till now. Neither any arrangement has been made. Otherwise why people look for shelter on the streets!

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Flood in Bihar with heavy rains in Nepal

Says Dhiraj Kumar, a youth from the village, "Everybody thinks that people living on the banks of the embankment are used to withstand floods like us, but we all know that we lose much in the flood every year. This is the situation in the beginning, this time in the next three months, how many times the water will increase, how often will it decrease, for the next few months our house will not be home, we will stay on the road. "

Moving on the way, in many places people were looking for their shelter on such roads.

A school was seen in Supaul's sister-in-law, where hundreds of people took shelter in the number. Men, women, the elderly, the children were all. Grains and clothes were kept in the courtyard to dry up.

There was a ring of noon. But someone was not fortunate to eat. Children were roasting with hunger. No man in the administration was present there.

On asking, people said that only one bulb has been installed in the name of relief and rescue work. That too when people had made a ruckus last night.

The rest of the arrangements were not visible on that shelter. In a while, a car came out with food. Vegetables of rice and potato soyabeen started to be distributed among the victims. When we asked, we came to know that it was a collective effort of NCC cadets, not by the administration.

It was two months, but what did the administration do?

We have seen the presence of administration. But not among the victims In strengthening embankments But it was not understandable why it was being done now, when Kosi's water touched the embankment.

Because the preparations for tackling the threat of flood this year were going on from May 3. When the circular issued by the Department of Disaster, all the flood prone districts were given directions to take necessary steps.

Supaul's senior journalist Subhash Chandra Jha says, "When water is released from Kosi Barrage, it does not take five to six hours to arrive here, in such a short time, people will be able to save as much time as possible. What happened even when the time came? "

We talk about DM from both Supaul and Araria.

"We have done relief work at our level at every level," says Arriya DM Vaishnath Prasad. Rescue work is still going on. People are being evacuated from the affected area, being transported to temporary shelters. So far nine people have died due to flood in Araria district. "

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But we have not seen arrangements made by the administration anywhere so far. When we asked Arriya DM, when the water touched the embankment at this time, what does it mean to strengthen it now?

Says Vaishnath Prasad: "We are not doing the repair of the embankments, it is going to Farbisganj and Supaul. Our emphasis is now on the relief and rescue work mainly, due to the decreasing water level, the situation is in control."

When we talked to Supaul's DM Mahendra Kumar, he said that work to strengthen the embankment has been going on for a long time. Work is completed in almost all places. If it has been left somewhere, then it will be visible. "

But journalist Subhash Chandra Jha says, "It is being done at this time, it is all a scam if all the work is being done, where the water has come, how much sand and concrete you will fill it, all will go in water. It is not just the fact that the actual work was done at that place. Manmergi's Estimate is made, Manmariji works. "

Passing through Kosi embankments, we could not only see the tragedy of the flood and its absence, but also the absurdity of the system and the government.

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