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Chandrayaan-2, know 10 essential information which you could know of ISRO mission. Chandrayaan-2: The 10 Key Issues You Ought to Know – jj

Chandrayaan-2, know 10 essential information which you could know of ISRO mission. Chandrayaan-2: The 10 Key Issues You Ought to Know


new Delhi: Chandrayaan-2 mission Countdown is in progress for This mission has the eyes of the whole world. On its success, India will achieve a new record in space world. The launch of Chandrayaan-2 will be around 2.51 am on July 15. ISRO said that Chandrayaan will be launched from India's most powerful rocket GSLV MK-3. It will rotate for 16 days in Earth's orbit. 21 days later it will reach the moon's chamber. After 27 days of rotation in the orbit of the moon, it will land there. Let's know the 10 key things about this mission.

1. Chandrayaan-II is launching ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization). It will be launched from the rocket GSLV MK-3. Lander's name is Vikram and Rover's name is Pragyan.

2. The biggest feature of this mission is that for the first time, trying to know about the southern part of the moon is being tried. So far all missions were for the northern part. The world is totally unaware of the southern surface. The part of the moon that looks is the northern surface. On the southern surface is completely dark.

3. It will take about 54 days to complete the mission. Chandrayaan has to spend 3.84 lakh km.

4. The rocket will be separated from Chandrayaan-2 when it comes out of Earth's orbit. However, for 16 days the planets will rotate in the orbit of the Earth.

5. After reaching the orbit of the Earth, Chandrayaan will take five days to reach the orbit of the Moon.

6. After reaching the orbit of the moon, this vessel will rotate in orbit for 27 days and move towards the surface. 6th September is expected to land on its moon

7. The total cost of this mission is 978 crores. There will be a total of 14 payloads. Of these, there will be 13 ISROs and one NASA payload.

8. After landing on the southern surface, the door of the lender (Vikram) will open and the rover (pragyan) will get out of it. This process will take four hours. ISRO will start getting pictures of it after 15 minutes after landing on the rover surface.

9. Lander and Rover will remain active for 14 days after reaching the surface of the moon. During this, the rover will run on the surface of the moon at a speed of centimeter / second.

10. The first UPA government in 2008 approved this mission. The design was designed in 2009. Earlier it was to be launched in 2013. When Russia did not find the lander, it was postponed till April 2018. After that the decision to launch several times was avoided and finally it will be launched on July 15, 2019. It was reported in April that the mission will be launched in April.

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