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Connecting to the sand mounds of sand within the border space of ​​Rajasthan, contact of 50 villages district headquarter. Sand of Thar Desert Comes on Highway at Jaisalmer Barmer – jj

Connecting to the sand mounds of sand within the border space of ​​Rajasthan, contact of 50 villages district headquarter. Sand of Thar Desert Comes on Highway at Jaisalmer Barmer



Oi-Vishwanath Saini


Updated: Monday, July 15, 2019, 20:11 (IST)

Barmer / Jaisalmer The effect of monsoon's absurdity and geographical conditions has now started to appear. This is probably the reason that the roads were lost in sand and many villages and towns were cut off from the district headquarters. We are talking about Barmer-Jaisalmer in Border area of ​​Rajasthan, where there is a continuation of dusty storms for the last several days of monsoon rains.

Sand of Thar Desert Comes on Road at Jaisalmer Barmer

Things have become such that due to the typhoon the places have become stagnant. Several feet of sand deposited on the roads. This situation in Barmer-Jaisalmer situated in the Thar Desert of Rajasthan is due to the wandering of the monsoon. Most of the people in the state are roaming and roaring while the dust storm in these districts is underway.

Know which roads are done

According to information, due to the accumulation of sand on the road due to the accumulation of sand on the road, near Dangri, near Dangri, the road from Rama to Khudari, Rasla to Badodagaon road, Ramgarh road from Asur, also between Ramgarh and Longewala, sand on the road became sands. is. Apart from these, road connections have broken up to Ghotaru. From Jaisalmer, Khuiyala is being interrupted due to sand on the village road. The road to go from Longewala to Tanno blocked from the sand.

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Sand of Thar Desert Comes on Road at Jaisalmer Barmer

Not so much rain

Jodhpur weather scientists say that the reason for this is shift of the turf line of monsoon. Going to the Himalayas of this line, rain has started going towards UP, Bihar, Assam and Nepal. During monsoon the winds are gathered at one place and there is a low pressure area. Clouds are formed there and moisture is collected along with the winds. It gives rain in those areas. Generally this turf line is on the side of Rajasthan in July. TURF LINE SHIFTING, RAINFUL POSITION ON JULY 18 AND JODHPUR, JULY 20 Monsoon came in Rajasthan between July 1 and 4. But in most parts, monsoon will not rain in 15 days.

More than 50 villages cut off from headquarter

The tornado of sand has increased the problems of the residents. The situation in the rural areas is even worse. The contact of more than 50 villages and hundreds of structures of the district has been cut from the headquarters. The means of movement are not reaching these villages. The electricity pole and the wire have been broken by the break in place. In many areas of Jaisalmer, the collapse of poles and stars has resulted in power loss in many villages and structures.

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