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Couple Have a good time 81st Anniversary, Shares Secret to Marriage – jj

Couple Have a good time 81st Anniversary, Shares Secret to Marriage

John and Ann Betar eloped on Nov. 25, 1932, fleeing their close-knit Syrian neighborhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and driving as fast as they could to …



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  1. Such a beautiful couple. I love that. True examples of what marriage is supposed to look like. Communication is very important in any relationship. My generation now a days get married for the wrong reasons and lucky if they make it through their first 10 years without calling it quits. I hope to one day find my soulmate whom I can grow old with and I'm in my 40's. My grandparents were married 65 years before my grandmother passed. I want to be like u guys when I grow up. God bless u?

  2. People don’t feel this connected anymore. These two people had to rely on each other. No one is this connected to another person anymore, we have the internet and we are always talking to other people, people who aren’t are partners. Even if you have a real connection with someone else, there is always a connection you and they have else where..,

  3. Interesting how she avoided her father's plans to marry her off to a man 20 years her senior! I say this because the majority of older men want younger women thinking that their money and status will buy them genuine love from a young maiden. Unfortunately there are men's groups on YouTube that tell men to avoid marriage and devalue older women, even women their own age! It creates a win/lose situation for men and women when we just look for "trophy wives" or "trophy husbands".

  4. Wow, very inspiring video! Thanks for sharing! For all the ones who sacrifice for love and do everything for love, continue being inspired! For those who have none, keep looking and be inspired! You will soon find the right one! Sharing this one to you, guys!
    Of all the books that I have read, this one is the most inspiring and arrange such that everything is in one place. 150 timeless love quotes compilation. Be in love, share the love and continue being in-love. Enjoy! 🙂


  5. I just searched happy couples and clicked on only you! !! wow in your 100's still living home alone and she has her real bottom teeth. .ABSOLUTELY MUST BE THE COOKING afterall lol. . ur both so honest yet some ppl claiming that in reviews it's bcuz of the era u married. . I love you guy's. .. I'm married 31 yrs and we are literally on the verge of disaster ever since my catastrophic auto accident. 4.5 short months ago. . we've survived EVERYTHING since we were 20. now 52. . yet he can't seem to move past my ordeal. I just spent another 6 nights in hospital ambulance bound almost lost me again. survived got home 17 hrs ago. .not a pleasant experience once he opened his eyes first thing this morning with a cup of tea. . finally I decided to look for advice. we've a mentally challenged 24y.o daughter who'll live home 4ever and she's now severely depressed ever since my auto accident. . now I am airing out my dirty laundry which even my mother doesn't know. ..NOT A SINGLE SOUL WILL I DISCUSS our dirty laundry with. but I'm desperate for advice. I'm a incredible cook so not sure if cooking is our answer or we'd be living off of hot dogs n kraft dinner hahaha. . u r both soooo sweet that I want you to adopt me as ur great grand child now haha *hugz to you both *

  6. I think the major reason marriages from that time period have lasted so long is because, back then marriage was sacred and one person would fancy another person and then they would just make it work. Today, we have so many toxic people hooking up and once they're not fun anymore, we abandon them and find someone new. Marriage doesn't mean anything these days other than it's harder to split up permanently and you lose half of all your assets.

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