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Dave Ramsey on Time period Life Insurance coverage and Entire Life Insurance coverage – jj

Dave Ramsey on Time period Life Insurance coverage and Entire Life Insurance coverage

http://www.integritymarketingseo.com Dave Ramsey speaks out onTerm Life Insurance vs. Whole Life Insurance. Check out more personal finance videos and …



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  1. I’m not a life insurance agent but from what I’m picking up is this…

    1) when you buy term you can get maximum coverage for longer years and less the price.

    2) you should treat your life insurance as an asset that will cover a liability NOT an investment

    3) whole life is a policy that working as a asset/liability and investment at the same time. Very expensive, loan on the cash value, and you can get more insurance but the rate will go up

    4) everyone will be paying on something, would you rather pay initial taxes on investment money through a ROTH IRA tethered thru a mutual fund or pay a loan with interest on your own money via cash value on a whole life policy? You plan on using the money in your life time correct?

    5) if you just stay investing your difference, obviously that won’t work. What you should do is invest your difference for the first year or two then double the delta’s amount to witness your investment account’s potential

    Those are just my observations and my strategies

  2. Yep let's pay for insurance that will probably never pay out and say you will invest the rest but most never do. Sounds like he sells investments! Funny that most spend throughout their lives so much more on term and have nothing to show for it. Then go to their attained age when they convert and pay crazy prices for whole life because they listen to ppl like you! When they could have had a bunch of cash value, payments wouldn't ever change and the coverage is there forever! He forgot to tell people that 1% of term pays out in the United States! 100% of whole life pays out and the equity and pay out is tax free! Term stands for terminate it is also tax free but it's set up so u lose because when u out live it u lose all the money u spent and then if u still need it u pay way higher rates if you are still healthy enough to get it! Investing the rest sounds great if U have thousands to put up front to start to invest! Oh and he forgot to tell U what happens if your investments fail! U lose all that 2! U take your 1% pay out I'll take my 100% and cash value tax free and broker fee free! Thank You!

  3. How did this make sense? Please let me know….ya that's a dream but realistically? After post secondary they r usually in debt sooooooooo……….when u die ur death benefit could really contribute to a lot especially with the interest rate is increasing the loan!

  4. "Why do I need health insurance, I never get sick" "Why do I need life insurance, I'm not gonna die" This guy is beyond stupid. The fact that he such a following is an indictment of our society. Our country is the laughing stock of the world because of people like him.

  5. ironic how many people try to bash this guy, yet everyone that's gone with his teachings always better off. preaching truths and the haters are going to hate.
    Another thing, I've yet to see a person retire off their cash value life insurance. I do know this though, lots of people retires off retirment accounts.

  6. this guy is such an idiot. For starters he doesn't consider many scenarios to answer the question. secondly, he depicts an utopian scenario. Perhaps this man has not seen the debt of the country. Sr. our current debt is 19 trillion dollars. Now you expect that the country that had all off that debt that it's citizens, who by the way are responsible for 65,000 dollars of this debt, And that the number per capita it's 162k last time I checked, will put enough money to the side so their heirs won't inherit their debt? come on man get real.

  7. So Dave's example is a father of 2 who makes $40,000 annually. He puts 15% in his 401(k) (per Mr Ramsey's advice) and pays +/- 20% in federal, state and other taxes on the remaining $34000. This leaves him $2266.66 monthly to shelter, feed, clothe, transport, entertain, maintain the home and cars, God willing take a vacation, pay for health insurance, build an emergency fund for a family of four!……..Does anyone besides Dave Ramsey think this is reasonable?

  8. 20 years maxing out a roth (close to 15% of 40,000) at Dave's mythical 12% EVEN YEAR still doesn't produce the numbers he's spewing. also, don't you just love how this scumbag trashes life insurance agents while raking in the royalties from promoting Xander term insurance. Why do all fortune 500 companies buy whole life for their key employees instead of buying term and investing the difference? maybe they don't know how to manage finance…give me a fucking break!

  9. The fact of the matter is, that there are a ton of people out there who come across Suzy or Dave's recommendation to buy term life insurance instead of the others and they become opposed to permanent insurance regardless of the rest of their financial picture. They haven't paid off their house, they are old, they continue to have liabilities, they become uninsurable, their term does expire. Any number of scenarios that do not fit the picture perfect concept that he lays out here. He is right. In his dream world where everyone gets completely out of debt, pays their house off, kids are through college, and they don't care about leaving anyone anything other than a clean slate, term is the best.

  10. lol AND then when he passes 700k 401(k)aos gets TAXED as income from federal and state.. and has an estate tax from federal and state (hopefully nothing else is not in his name like the house), and she is lucky to have 250k after that ordeal. Then 2008, 2009, and 2010 hit again and it goes to 100k Yea if they are retired I could see this lasting the rest of her life… as long as she lives 10 years with 10k a year.

    Sorry she would of been better off with a whole life policy from a mutual dividend paying company at 700k with a paid up additions rider in 20 years (when the kids leave) that policy (if structured correctly) would become self funding from the interest of the pau rider and the dividends if they declare one. when he passes that 700k is paid tax free and estate tax free, and with no market volatility. So then she can "struggle" without him. But yea go ahead and give whole life a bad rap, because someone does not know how to structure it… But you have to ask yourself.. if whole life is so bad… Why do banks use it as tier 1 capital storage. As well as why does the fed gov allow them to? But ok.. give whole life a bad grade for not understand it. Makes sense.

    Now onto something else, Another video you did about an article in the usa today. 65 percent of people have no savings…. So if this is the case.. your guy wont have 700k in his retirement.. and will still have a mortgage because that is the average person. Since that IS the average.. 700k whole life policy, can pay off the house and leave his wife with money to live off of. Because it wont be taxed. Not saying he should not have a 401(k)aos.. but i dont put money at risk that I need to live off of. Thats like giving money to a brother in law and when you need it he does not have it. The market makes no promises. So any plan with that included is a coin toss.. maybe you will have it.. or maybe you wont. Yea good plan.

  11. Sure Mr. Ramsey, In a perfect world that sounds great…..but wait this is not a perfect world for most people. I can't tell you how many people now in their late 60's or older have tried some of the same things that you recommended in this short video and have lost most of their retirement due to the market crashing, health crashing, etc. Now they are too old to be able to bounce back from it and since their "Wonderful term insurance" has expired they now can't even afford a $10,000 policy that barely covers burial. Just because you have been lucky with your investments so far doesn't mean everyone will.

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