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#ENGvsNZ: World Cup finals overturn matches – jj

#ENGvsNZ: World Cup finals overturn matches


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In the 2019 World Cup on the Lords ground, England defeated New Zealand in the Super Over in a match that lasted an exciting match. But this match has been a breathtaking blow.

New Zealand won the toss and bat first with 241 runs on eight wickets. In reply, the England team also managed to score 241 runs in 50 overs.

After that the match went into super over but New Zealand's batters had a special role to play in the super over.

Initially this victory for England seemed to be easy but New Zealand's slow bowling and fielding made England a little away from victory.

England needed 24 runs to win in 12 overs and Ben Stokes scored 62 runs and Liam Plunkett was at the crease with nine runs at that time. 49th over was given to James Neesham

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The most exciting turn

First ball Neisham cast Plunkett, he ran a run and ran for it. After this, on the second ball, Stokes took Neesham's yorker one run on square leg.

On the third ball, Neesham catched out Plunkett for 10 runs.

The most exciting turn of the match was seen on the fourth ball of 49th over when Bolt caught the shot played by Stokes, but he crossed the boundary. After this victory needed less runs to win the match.

Stokes ran a run for the fifth ball. At the same time, Neesham made Archer clean-bowled on his swinging sixth ball.

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Need 15 runs in the last over

The most important of the match and the 50th over was given to Trent Bolt. At that time the stacks were frozen on the crease. Bolt's yorker was played by Stokes but could not score any runs on it.

Stokes was not able to score any run on the second ball.

The third ball was bowled by Bolt, who sent Stokes to six sixes at mid-wicket.

The fourth ball Bolt put a full toss which Stokes played towards deep mid wicket. The runners were taken while the chaos was gone on the overthrow. In this way, this ball has six runs.

After that England needed 3 balls in two balls to win. But Adil Rashid was out in the run-chase for two runs on the fifth ball. Needing two runs needed to win the next and the last ball.

Bolt put a full toss ball in the middle at Stokes, which he played on the long-on. Mark Wood was out for two runs. After that the match got tie and reached the super over.

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England play first in Super over

According to the rules, the team that played later England went first to bat

New Zealand gave Trent Bolt responsibility for super-overs. Stokes ran three runs in the first ball. On the second ball, Jos Buttler took one run playing Bolt.

On the third ball, Stokes sent the gap and sent it across the boundary for the ball round. Bolt played the fourth ball in off, but New Zealand's fielders stopped him.

Stokes ran two runs for the fifth ball. Stokes sent the sixth ball to the square, and in this super over, England scored 15 runs without losing the wicket and gave New Zealand a 16-run target for victory.

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England win on highest boundaries

In response to England, Guptill and Neesham came to bat on behalf of New Zealand, while bowling bowler Zofra Archer was given.

Archer bowled the first ball wide After this, Neesham ran for two runs and then Neesham ran for two runs.

Neesham hit six on the second ball after which New Zealand needed only seven runs to win in four balls.

Taking advantage of Misfing for the third ball of Archer, Neesham scored two runs after which he needed five runs in three balls to win.

On the fourth ball, Archer bowled Neesham and he got 2 runs. On the fifth ball, Archer bowled Neesham, after which he took only one run.

Needing two runs to win New Zealand on the last ball, Guptill could only score one run and he was run out on the last ball.

This time the match was tied, but England was declared the winner on the basis of putting the highest boundaries.

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