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Entrepreneurship I have no idea the place to begin! | PODCAST | Life Proyect – jj

Entrepreneurship I have no idea the place to begin! | PODCAST | Life Proyect

ENTREPRENEURSHIP I do not know where to start!

Hello! I'm Sandra Burgos and this is 30K Coaching. The microentrenamiento of today will try to give answer to a consultation received to the email sandraburgos@30kcoaching.com

His name is Javier and he tells us the following …

Hello Sandra! I love your messages, your videos, they are all very inspiring.
In fact they have helped me reflect and make one of the most important decisions of my life. I decided to take the risk of working on something that I'm really passionate about: photography and video. I gave up a stable job, in a financial institution, and that decision pleases me very much.
But there are times when the anxiety about uncertainty, to be starting in a totally new scheme, to have to face, learn, correct and solve so many unknown things at the same time, is abysmal.
I would like to know if you could create a video about these stages of transition and how to assume them in the best way.

Javier, I do not know how it is that it has never occurred to me to make a video about this, because it is a difficulty that each and every one of the people who make the brave decision to undertake take.

Today I am going to speak to you, and to all the people in your same situation, of how to face this period of transition in a healthy way.

There are 4 general competencies in which you will need to work to successfully undertake. But keep in mind that you will never know everything and you will not be 100% prepared in any of them, so get used to the idea that what awaits you is a life of lifelong learning.

[1. Professional skills]

The first type of skills you need to start are professional skills.

In your case, you tell us that you have decided to dedicate yourself to photography and video. Well, that's what you need to know a lot, as much as you can.

I imagine that if you have decided to dedicate yourself professionally to it, it is because you already possess aptitudes and knowledge in that work environment and you are able to face any task in terms of photography and video.

Even so, it is fundamental that you constantly recycle because what you want is not simply to be trained for it, but you want to stand out, because the success of your business will depend on which you are chosen.

[2. Management skills]

Entrepreneurship does not just mean to stop having bosses and take all the money. It also means taking responsibility for running a company. Overwhelming, right?

If you love the idea of ​​spending the rest of your life working in photography and video but you are anguished thinking about the paperwork, my advice is that you look for help when it comes to managing your business.

If you start with limited resources and you can not afford to pay someone to take charge of the management, form yourself to get ahead with the essential knowledge.

There are usually very interesting intensive courses organized by town councils or business associations. Find the simplest training that allows you to deal with the bureaucracy of a company while paying attention to what is important: your work in photography and video.

However, in the long term, my advice is that you hire an agency or a manager or manager who knows how to get the best out of your company and concentrate on what really makes you happy: the profession you have chosen.

[3. Marketing competences]

Unfortunately, you can be the best professional in the world in your work that, unless the right people know, you will not get anything.

For this reason, the role of marketing in any business is so important. Because your work deserves to be known.

In this regard, my recommendation is the same that I proposed to you regarding the management of the company. Let someone who knows how to do it really well.

If your initial resources prevent you from hiring this most important part of your business, take a look around you and you may find friends, friends who know the subject and can help you with the promise that one day you will compensate for their help.

For example, sure you have a friend who can make a website, a friend to help you with the dissemination of your company on social networks, someone who can mention your services at your workplace …

Undoubtedly, you should have someone who knows what you are doing so, as soon as you can, invest in this.

[4. Emotional skills]

Take the step outside the comfort zone to undertake alone in a dizzying experience, but do not let fear paralyze you … because you will want to do it. Do not let it.

If you have ever thrown yourself in a parachute, you will know what I am going to talk about. There is nothing so liberating and empowering as to take the step towards that which scares you but you know that it can improve your life.


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  2. yo ya me arriesgue a un proyecto para mi muy diferente a lo acostumbrado hacer toda mi vida antes pero me apacionaba la idea de llegar a la meta y mucho mas lo que iba yo a realizar…el miedo me paralizo muchas veces y un dia me arranke y dije hay voy y tube miles de obstaculos y todos los iba pasando y llegue asta dnde mis fuerzas y neuronas dieron y no llegue a la meta me cai y llore un poco nada mas por k me encanto lo k aprendi y estoy mas fuerte k nunca y me lanzare de nuevo aunke volviera yo a kedarme sin llegar, asi lo dije la primera vez y asi lo repito hoy pero hoy creo k llegaré claro k llegaré.

  3. Hola me encantan tus videos son muy útiles e interesantes, me gustaría que en alguno de tus futuros videos hablaras sobre tener éxito a la hora de dejar de fumar, pienso que muchas personas al igual que yo tienen problemas a la hora de intentar dejar este hábito, llevo unos meses intentando dejarlo sin éxito aun.
    Saludos desde Costa Rica

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