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5 Info -tagged

This is one of those tupid tag videos no one really wants to see.

It also turned out to be too long, so I had to cut it down a bit. Hope it isn’t too choppy. In it I tagged desertphile, DeistPaladin, defenderofreason, potholer54, and askegg.


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  1. a service provided by "the church of jesus christ of latter-day saints"…
    they can also trace native americans to abel's brother cain (or some similar nonsense), i don't think i'd trust them with research on my family tree…
    but yea, why shouldn't the mormons believe you're a descendant of freya and odin…

  2. Aron, you where lucky that nobody shot you while you while you where trying to get a ride and get away from the coyotes. Many people, especially in those areas, are going to me more than happy to pull out a gun and empty it at anything even remotely resembling a bigfoot.

  3. How cool it is to find out that Aron, just like me, is into herpetology (i, too, used to keep monitors. these days i keep giant constrictors). Matt Dillahunty, for what i've heard, is also an enthusiast.
    I feel sorry for your pet lizard, Aron! But i have a doubt… I didn't quite understood wich monitor species you used to keep, because you mentioned V. Salvadorii, but you posted footage of V. Salvator (close names, but different animals). You made reference to it being the second biggest lizard, behind the komodo, but that doesn't quite answer it. Varanus Salvator is the second heaviest lizard, while V. Salvadorii is considered the longest of all lizards (thanks to tail length).The longest lizard on record, nontheless, really is a salvator monitor, excceding the longest komodo by a couple inches, even though i suspect he still weighted in less than the longest komodo did.

  4. Never heard of tag videos Arun AronAr – just teasing AronRa I guess you would make a scary & impressive Bigfoot, espacially since you are related to Odin – although a real Bigfoot would have been more proof of evolution as a living missing link

  5. Great story.  So sorry to hear about your lizard.  In Norman, Ok. a five year old boy was killed by a stray shot when police decided to fire on a rat snake in a birdhouse.  Ignorance has consequences, it can latterly mean life or death.

  6. I too am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.  Although I've never used it for anything it does make me acceptable in most states to conduct weddings.  So I did consider that I could do gay weddings and that would really piss off some right-wingers

  7. Also if the number count is AronRa's kid, you are the best. Like honestly the best, if that is him and he acts anything like AronRa… wow, already like him he has 0 spoken to me but I like him. 

  8. Sorry about your lizard.
    My daughter goes to T.U. Austin My X ran off to Texas with her when she was 15, I couldn't afford to travel to see her for two years. She loves it. I was born there came to California to go to school in 1972 & never went back but for funerals
    There is a group here that has monthly things it's a Nordic thing & you pass a big horn drink & boast 3 things. I thought Asgard was like heaven too. I told my daughter if some asks you if you have seen big foot, answer "not yeti"

  9. Scripture is as valuable as the transcript is honest.

    That one was not. And the dishonest policemen did not exactly found a new community on misrepresenting your lizard, nor did they die martyrs testifying on a false size of it.

    THAT is not an argument against factuality of Scripture.

  10. Someone in India have Krishna in his family tree? Probably there exists such a claim, yes.

    Krishna helped the Pandava side, but the Pandavas died without heirs and Krishna's cousin or sth took over.

    Krishna was also deified after a funeral pyre – UNLESS in his case there were many accretions between his lifetime and Mahabharat written thousands of years later.

    His death is said to be the end of one and the beginning of our present "yuga" or age, and it is put close to the Flood. Flood = 2957 BC, Krishna's death = 3100 sth BC. I e, the memory of his person, if there was one, was kept alive beside the Biblical tradition. Noah when writing down his portion of the Genesis skipped over much of the war (there is more of it in Book of Henoch), but someone else, probably Cham since he was probably ancestor of Indians, kept more details alive.

    BUT India wanted to forget there was a Flood between that and themselves. So, an "earlier avatar of same god" saved a king through the Flood (admit, after the Flood Noah was pretty much King, but perhaps he didn't stay so and didn't even want to). And hence Flood was demoted to "before Krishna, Pandavas, Kauravas". Though the latter are pretty recognisable as if not first generation at least second generation nephelim (esp. Bhima).

    Hence ALSO insistance on having a LONG tradition. Someone came over thinking – correctly – Flood happened a thousand years earlier, and they would say "what Flood?" and enumerate a false continuity with – essentially – Nod or else "sure there was a Flood, but that was forty thousand years ago".

  11. Descending from Odin is probably as common in Scandinavia (really Scadinavia, but someone added a stroke over the first a) as descending from King Alfred is in England or descending from Conor Mac Nessa in Ireland.

    He was king of Uppsala. Elder Uppsala – the archbishopric of Sweden was a few miles away. He was succeeded by his stepson, Niord's son Frey. Unlike Skiold, Frey was also deified. His son Fiolner was not, since he drowned in a vat of mead, as guest of Froda Haddingsson. King of Denmark.

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