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Woman claims iPhone 6 exploded whereas she was watching YouTube – jj

Woman claims iPhone 6 exploded whereas she was watching YouTube


Girl says iPhone 6 exploded while she was watching YouTube

This is what a burned out iPhone 6 looks like

AN 11-YEAR-OLD GIRL in California narrowly escaped serious injuries after her iPhone 6 exploded while watching YouTube videos, according to ABC News. 

Kayla Ramos was using the phone in her sister’s bedroom when the phone began to spark, prompting her to throw it on a blanket, which it promptly burned through.

“I was right here on the bed and the phone managed to burn through this blanket and make these holes,” she says in the video above pointing at the charred marks in the blanket.

Ramos’ mother, Maria Adata, says she contacted Apple the next day, and that the company required photos and the phone to be shipped back. Apparently, Apple will send a new handset back in its place. We know it’s not the main point here, but you’d hope it’s at least an iPhone 7. 

“I will no longer sleep with it next to me,” Adata said, bringing us sharply back to the issue at hand. “I know we charge it a lot maybe that caused it, maybe it overheated.”

We’ve heard of iPhones exploding before, but it’s not the frequent occurrence that caused Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 to be recalled back in 2016. There was an iPhone 7 Plus in 2016, an iPhone 8 Plus in 2017, and the time when someone bit into the battery with exactly the result you’d expect.

While Apple told ABC that it wasn’t aware of this particular return, it did run through its usual list of things that can make devices more prone to overheating than usual. For starters, third-party chargers can be a big no-no, and you should also avoid unauthorised repairs too. 

Finally, any external damage can also cause problems on the inside, so if your phone looks battered, it’s worth running it by Apple. µ

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