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Hermanus companies lay down the legislation…. South Africa – jj

Hermanus companies lay down the legislation…. South Africa

Businesses in Hermanus have had enough and warn trouble makers to stop disrupting the lives of people in this once peaceful and exquisite tourist destination. Website: www.wcbcf.co.za



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  1. I was totally impressed with how the businesses went about this…. If our businesses suffer then Hermanus falls, I live in Hermanus for 17 years and it's about time that we as business owners stand together. Thank you for your time and effort Scott

  2. These people abiding by the law or give a fck what the law says it should do and not do? It will only make it worse and they will probably target these businesses after hours by looting them or burning them down.

  3. Oh this is fantastic !! ?????? well done Hermanus businesses ! And all done within the law and without any roads or cars or buildings destroyed . Interesting isn’t it ?

  4. I'm so starting to relise with apartheid there you really dont see how bad it is anywhere else living with blacks. Let us in the United states try to stand up to blacks. Your neighborhoods will be trashed and burned to the ground. In the Us you absolutely cant park your car ever in a black neighborhood. You certainly cant stop a black gang. They can throw bombs at you while rioting and you cant act. THEY ARE LEGALLY ALLOWED TO STEAL UP TO THOSAND DOLLARS OF ANYTHING BEFORE THEY ARE PUT IN JAIL. NO NOT KIDDING. They gang up on white kids and if the kid fights back he gets in trouble. You can beat your woman scream and not watch there kids and not get in trouble ever. They can have thirty two felonies and still be on the streets. Drag a cop with your car and people will all say awe he was only scared. You picking. Not kidding. Can go on and on and on. They say blacks get more time than white. Hell no they dont. If they show up to school and college. Just show up they will give you a degree. There housing insurance school and medical covers and they riot. Blacks do break into homes and murder all the time whites here. No news on it. Not on jew news. There were thirty five mass shootings in black neighborhoods this past week. None white but we are the problem. They just dont get enough funding to have things to do so raping and pillaging is our fault. Dont use there government. Govern yourself cut them out and get security. You got no jew masters there. Do you?

  5. Good fight back ladies and gentlemen. Folks please support those who are taking a stand and talking out and taking action against those who want to destroy the country. Support in your personal, grouping and business groups.

  6. It is tragic and unbelievable that there are still those who utter legal arguments in a country where the legal system has become the "bitch" of the ruling ANC. What is the matter with you? Where have you been for the last 25 years? There are no pills for stupidity.

  7. About time People and Businesses make a collective stand against the Rioters and Instigators of economic sabatage…this is Politically motivated …part of ongoing efforts to create instability.

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