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Jobs unveils iPhone App Retailer – jj

Jobs unveils iPhone App Retailer

At an Apple event at its headquarters in Cupertino, Calif., CEO Steve Jobs launches the company’s new iPhone App Store. Third-party developers can build software for the device and have it distributed via the App Store and iTunes.

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  1. @Jpsweeney94
    Apple does not allow you to release Apps written outside Objective-C on the app store. Maybe HTML5 apps can be downloaded through Cydia, I don't know. You can also create a native application (or even download one online) in HTML5 as well.

    However, the Apple app store does not currently allow HTML5 apps. I write both HTML5 applications and Objective-C apps for iOS devices.

  2. @LightEmittingDiode1 well those arent actual apple phones, nor is apple associated with them at all….im surprised they have the apple logo, because apple could rape them if they are using it for their branding

  3. @Jpsweeney94
    Again, like I said, you can create standalone html5 applications (already) that look and feel exactly like a regular application. It can have its own icon, screen resolution, buttons, and scripts that make it no different than the Apps you get from the app store.

    Google: "HTML5 iPhone App" and be prepared to be amazed.

  4. Ironically, the app store will perish with HTML5.

    You can already create stand alone HTML5 applications that work on any device. It comes down to if Apple allows HTML5 applications to be executable and distributable to their devices. My guess is no (without jailbreaking), but we will see.

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