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Karnataka Political Disaster: Karnataka Insurgent MLAs menace Congress Chief [UPDATES] Newest | Siddaramaiah stated: Kumaraswamy will show belief vote in meeting on July 18 – jj

Karnataka Political Disaster: Karnataka Insurgent MLAs menace Congress Chief [UPDATES] Newest | Siddaramaiah stated: Kumaraswamy will show belief vote in meeting on July 18


  • BJP demands- Kumaraswamy today proves confidence vote
  • Rebel MLAs threaten big leaders of Congress

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 15, 2019, 08:47 PM

Mumbai / Karnataka In the ongoing political crisis in Karnataka, Congress leader Siddaramaiah said that the Kumaraswamy government will prove the confidence vote on Thursday, July 18 at 11 a.m. However, the BJP demanded to prove the confidence vote with Chief Minister Kumaraswamy on Monday. 16 MLAs of Congress and JDS have submitted their resignation. However, Speaker Ramesh Kumar has not taken any decision yet.

On the other hand, all rebel legislators have reached the Supreme Court against the decision not to accept the Speaker's resignation. The next hearing in this case is to be held on Tuesday. The court has decided to keep the status quo so far. It is not certain now that the Kumaraswamy government proves the majority in the status quo or after the speaker's decision.

What will happen if you prove trust in the status quo?

First: 16 rebel MLAs voting against the government. In this situation, the government will get 100 votes. This number is less than the 112 figures required for the majority. In such a situation, the Kumaraswamy Government will lose faith in the House. On voting against the government, the membership of the rebels will end.

Second: Be absent from rebel legislator. In this situation, at the time of trust, the number of members in the House will be 207. The figure required for the majority will be 104. But, in absence of rebels, only 100 votes will fall in favor of the government and the government will fall.

Third: The resignations of the rebels will be approved. Even in this situation, the government will need 104 MLAs, which will not be with them for the majority. The government will fall

Fourth: Even if the Assembly Speaker disqualifies the rebels, even during the trust in the House, the government needs a figure of 104 for a majority. It will not happen to him. In such a situation, the government will fall.

Rebel legislators said- threat from Congress leaders

Out of 16 out of 16 Karnataka legislators, rebel legislators have stayed in Mumbai's Renaissance Hotel. On Monday, he said that Congress is trying to influence and scare us in many ways. Legislators demanded protection for a second time by writing to the Mumbai Police. It says that they do not want to meet any leader of the Karnataka Congress including Ghulam Nabi Azad or Mallikarjun Kharge. We are at risk from them. Again the Congress leaders can go back to the Supreme Court on the issue of security.

The legislators who signed the letter include Shivaram Habber, BC Patil, Mahesh K, Vishwanath, Muniratnam, Narayan Gowda, R Shankar, H Nagesh, Pratap Patil, Gopalaiya, Ramesh J, MTB Nagraj, Somashekar and Basavaraj.

letter to Mumbai Police

Congress-JDS legislators meeting today in the assembly

Before that, Congress-JDS MLAs staying in Bangalore's resort reached the assembly from a bus. Congress minister DK Shivkumar said that we are confident that the legislators will return to the party. If they vote against the vote of confidence, the membership will be canceled. BJP leader and former chief minister Yeddyurappa said that the speaker has no right to cancel the membership of the legislators. Yeddyurappa claims that the Congress-JDS government no longer has a majority. If the floor test is done then the government will fall.

Nagraj's Surat changed to Sudhakar Rao

On the other hand, the Congress-JDS coalition government failed to convince the rebel Congress MLA MTB Nagraj. In the last days, Nagraj went to Mumbai on a special plane with a BJP leader on Sunday after meeting Congress leader Siddaramaiah and DK Shivkumar. It was being said that they would celebrate the legislator Sudhakar Rao to return. But the journey of Nagraj changed as soon as he reached Mumbai.


Congress 13, JDS 3 MLAs resign

Umesh Kamtalli, BC Patil, Ramesh Jarkiholi, Shivaram Habber, H. Viswanath, Gopalaiya, B. Biswaraj, Narayan Gowda, Munirattana, ST Somasekhara, Pratap Gowda Patil, Muniratna and Anand Singh have submitted resignation. At the same time, suspended Congress MLA Roshan Baig also resigned on Tuesday. On Wednesday, Sudhakar, MTB Nagraj resigned.

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