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Marriage Proposal & Marriage ceremony in an Huge Dancing Mobbed – jj

Marriage Proposal & Marriage ceremony in an Huge Dancing Mobbed

The best video of a surprised marriage proposal & wedding that Ive ever seen in Youtube. Indeed, this was carefully planned and great preparations were made …



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  1. I want a sitcom that follows this. FIrst episode "Day 1", counting the days after he pulled this shit.
    Day 1234: "Honey, can you grab me a beer?" "I'm a little busy with the laundry" (silence..) "WANT ME TO GET THE MOBBED TAPE!?!?!"

  2. At the end the both of them are just sitting and the waiter comes and said here is your bill for all the dancers, materials, rentals, cameras, and etc.
    Waiter: your total is 1,000,00…
    Man: I'll pay with my debit card
    Fuck me, forgot the wallet in the car
    Baby your going to have to pay for this one
    Woman: but I never said yes

  3. Хорошая актерская игра! Миллион отсятных дублей, класс :-/ Отлично отрепетирован "шок"! Девушка даже "плачет" в "прослушку"! Знают откуда подставную актрису "вытащить " Оскара! Оскара!

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