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Motor Autos Modification Invoice launched in Loksabha, know its 10 vital details Introducing Motor Autos Modification Invoice 2019, Be taught 10 Key Factors – jj

Motor Autos Modification Invoice launched in Loksabha, know its 10 vital details Introducing Motor Autos Modification Invoice 2019, Be taught 10 Key Factors


new Delhi: Motor Vehicle Amendment Bill was introduced in the Lok Sabha on Monday to prevent continuous road accidents in the country. For the first time, a penalty has been made against the contractor for making the punishment harsh for violation of the traffic rules in the bill along with the accidents due to the construction of the road and the lack of maintenance.

Death toll in road accidents is increasing
According to the report, in 2015, 146913 people died in road accidents. 150785 people died in 2016, whereas in 2017, 14,796 people died in road accidents. To overcome these accidents, the Modi government is going to make stringent provisions. For this, Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari presented motor vehicle amendment bill in the Lok Sabha today.

Rs.1000 fine without helmet
According to this bill, there is a provision to raise the penalty amount from Rs 2000 to Rs 10000 on drinking liquor and driving. There is a provision to impose a fine of 1000 rupees and seize license for three months without running a helmet vehicle. At present, the penalty is only 100 rupees.

Other major provisions of the bill
1. Penalty for driving without license, the penalty increased from 500 to 5000
2. Firing on fast speed has increased from 500 rupees to max 5000 rupees.
3. Penalties extended even if the seat belt was not imposed. It has been proposed to increase from Rs 100 to 1000 rupees.
4. The penalty is raised from 1000 rupees to 5000 if caught on the mobile while talking on mobile phone.
5. For the first time, if there is no way to an emergency vehicle, there is a provision for a fine of Rs 10,000.
6. For the first time, a strict penalty has been made for the first time on a carriage by a minor.
7. If a minor is caught driving, then the guardian or owner of the car will be held guilty. For this, there is a provision of 25000 rupees as well as a 3 year jail. Also, there is a provision to cancel the registration of the vehicle.
8. With over 20000 minimum fines for overloading, there is a provision of additional money of Rs.1000 per tonne.
9. The bill has also been enhanced in compensation for people killed in a road accident. Raising it up to now maximum Rs 5 lakh and 2.5 lakh compensation for severe injuries.
10. The penalty is increased from 1000 rupees to 5000 for driving on rash.

The basis for licensing is essential
Apart from this, some new provisions have also been added for licensing and cancellation of it. A proposal to make the Aadhaar numbers mandatory for licensing or registration of a car in this bill has been proposed. Another important change is that once the validity of the licenses is over, the license will be renewed for a period of one year. Currently, this deadline is only 1 month.

Government can impose a penalty of 500 crores on the government's fault
Contractor and consultant and Civic Agency will be responsible if the wrong design of the road leads to the death of an accident due to its construction and its lack of maintenance. In lieu of such accidents, the compensation claim will be made compulsory to settle the claim within 6 months. If a car accident occurs due to the low quality of the car, then the government will have the right to withdraw all those trains from the market, as well as impose a fine of Rs 500 crores on the manufacturer.

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