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Restoration of 9/11 protected deposit field contents within the WTC's J.P. Morgan Chase vault – jj

Restoration of 9/11 protected deposit field contents within the WTC's J.P. Morgan Chase vault

Recovery of 9/11 safe deposit box contents in the WTC’s J.P. Morgan Chase vault By Paul F. Renda I’m a survivor of the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center.



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  1. If that box baked at 1800 degrees for a week it had to be an underground nuke crater .
    1993 might have been just to open the building to install giant water pumps dual purposed for cooling air and cooling the atomic bomb craters . The hot undtground eruption probably when released to shoot up through the tower cools itself like hot freeon cools a refrigerator , but the remaining stuff in the crater is hot for a year without water pumped on it , and tgats what they did . Water water water

  2. Fallout boxes
    911 was a boobytrap made of explosives to make holes in the building and video trick photography airplanes and smoke to attract firemen into a demolition using high energy particle radiation from an underground atomic bomb . The fake plane makes us think fire was caused by airplane crashes and no bombs were in the building . The building was fireproof so we think we know we can go in and save people .

  3. If the vault was just below street level and the only fires were caused by the plane impact many dozens of stories above, why would they be subjected to such high heat for so long? Let's think about that.

  4. No fires in basement so how did this happen. I believe they brought em both down w nukes…thus the heat rush would burn and melt the items in the boxes and super heat the boxes thus the keys dont work.Question everything.How is this otherwise possible in the vaults none the less

  5. Almost as good as the Fake Passport number. So 200,000 tons of steel and concrete free falls to the ground and a collection of tin deposit boxes happens to survive?? BS!! These boxes were fleeced B4 the Plunger was depressed. I wonder if the cops bothered to dust of Odd Finger Prints??Let's try Larry for starters??

  6. Just needed to say the respect you provided while opening this was something to watch. I would have been upset too going through that and seeing it for the first time. The woman with you clearly doesn't understand. I wish she did. I wanted to see you take your time, not be rushed, sit as long as you needed. I guess that didn't happen. However, respect to you!

  7. Dont see the point in recording this, and what was the worry about gloves, mask and " Watch your shirt!!' comment. I know its from the twin towers tragedy but they are just items that were burnt in a sealed box. No contamination or toxic flumes!

  8. NWO, Operation North Woods. Innocent people died so they could introduce the Patriot act, Establish a standing army all in the name of National security. Look at the cops these days, Border checks 100 miles inland. Spying by the NSA, FBI. George Bush and his Family were in on it.

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