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Ruby Lee Talks Attracting HR, Profession Change, and Constructing a Facet Hustle – jj

Ruby Lee Talks Attracting HR, Profession Change, and Constructing a Facet Hustle

Ruby Lee, founder of the Career Emporium and Tribe9, is a career counselor and HR specialist who has worked in recruiting for Cogent, Medibank, and Wesfarmers Insurance. We chat about attracting HR, career change, and building a side hustle!

Find out more at RubyLee.Co

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About the Host:

Sami Gardner, here. I am a Career Kickstarter, LinkedIn Consultant, former Librarian, and current Digital Nomad! I am the founder of the Career Kickstart Academy and the host of the Career Kickstart Podcast. I have been featured on/at the Classy Career Girl Podcast, CareerFoundry, 7in7 Conference, QueerHustle Conference, and Mac’s List. I believe that if you kickstart your career, you can kickstart your life!

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