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Savage Nation 07/10/19 ? The Savage Nation July 10, 2019 ? Michael Savage Podcast 07-10-19 – jj

Savage Nation 07/10/19 ? The Savage Nation July 10, 2019 ? Michael Savage Podcast 07-10-19

Savage Nation 07/10/19 – The Savage Nation July 10, 2019 – Michael Savage Podcast 07-10-19 Savage Nation 07/10/19 – The Savage Nation July 10, 2019 …


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  1. Trump is done. He was a shill the whole time. Just another huxter. Trump isn't going to do anything about illegal immigration or immigration in general. We need a radical solution, we need a street movement, we need a Patrioic Socialist Party, we need to clear the anarchists from the streets, so we can hold rallies and speak to the people. The Jews need to be called out, the Immigrants need to be called out, and the businesses need to be intimidated into submission.

  2. Dr S has gotten so annoying constantly harping on the fact that he's not a presidential insider and is left out of the Republican establishment. I'm not sure he realizes that he's alienated a lot of the people he's complaining won't come on his show. He's talked crap about what he calls the neo-cons and establisment Republicans and then tries to get them on the show? Would Mitch McConnell want to speak to someone who calls him turkey neck? Would Lindsey Graham come on the show when, since the last time he came on, Dr S has accused him of being a closet Dem? Savage is a bit radical in some of his ideas but that's why we love him. He says what we are thinking. Unfortunately, that also makes him dangerous to mainstream party men. It means he's going to continue to be an outcast. Middle of the road independent voters don't want to hear calls to arrest everyone who doesn't agree with them, arrest every governor that gives sanctuary to illegals, censor anyone who talks badly about the president. That's simply too outrageous for middle ground voters. I can't believe he doesn't realize this.

  3. Here goes Savage whining about the debt you know she's focused on a superior economics or Finance degree instead of some green degree you got from University of Berkeley f***** Ville maybe you'd be up to speed with our wonderful and glorious President Trump who is superior to you savage in every single way mentally deal with it get used to it stop crying you whiny Jew b**

  4. Trump is about to destroy the central bankers' economic system. Right now he is going to use every trick and tool the enemies of America used to keep our economy as strong as it can be before the Federal Reserve is set up to be brought down. All of our debt is going to be written off. Trump knows a massive economic crash is coming and he intends to have the blame placed at their feet, where it belongs. Trump is signalling all of this, he is signalling we are going to return to the gold standard. A rough period is coming. It HAS to be done. Our country is going to die if it isn't. This will likely occur just after his reelection. On that issue I would have told you that he wasn't going to win but after watching the demonshit liberal left go on their clown tour that gets more insane every single day over the last few years I do not expect them to win. I do expect it to still be another close election. Anyway hard times are indeed coming. Be ready. Trump has dramatic and potent plans in place and has been setting America up to be strong when this time comes.

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