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Attractive or bar woman known as for: Mahi Gill – jj

Attractive or bar woman known as for: Mahi Gill


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Actress Mahi Gill, who is seen in Bollywood and Bold Edge in Bollywood, believes that she is very shy in real life. But on the other side she is also a dumb woman.

But she says she is tired of playing such characters.

She says that if a sexy or bar girl is needed then I am called. Along with that, if a whore or liquor is a woman's role in hand, even then, Mahi Gill, that is, I am remembered.

She says, "I have many characters like 'Saheb, Biwi and Gangster' but now I have to do something new. ''

sound Found on lifting Justice

In a special conversation with BBC Hindi, Mahi Gill recalls an event that said that recently my team and my team were tampered with. My whole team was shooting a series of Alt Balaji. Only then some people came and started felony.

"I have been shooting in Mumbai for ten years. Never before did this happen, but all of this would have been going on in the outskirts of Mumbai, and that too was also with us. Those people came and started beating. "

In connection with this incident, we met the Chief Minister and the police found him soon. If all this happened in front of me, then I came forward and asked for justice for the team. So I think those who have such an incident should face them. People should not sit in silence and should lift their voices.

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Mahie Gill

Mahi has been working in Bollywood for more than ten years but still he did not get the opportunity he wanted.

Mahi says that many people in Bollywood are from a big family. But do not necessarily do all the good acting too. If you will see my career graph, you will know that I have been typedcast (playing the same role).

Moving forward, Mahi says, "People come to me with a roll of a lot. I do not want to repeat the same character again. That's why I work less. But as an actress I have to do something different. I also want my films to be seen with the family. That's why I filmed 'Family of Thakurgganj', in which my character is a woman of Dabang '.

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Mahie Gill

I do not have that year of my life, remember me

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Mahi tells that director Anurag Kashyap's film 'Dev D' changed my life. Everything was going very well. Many people have been constantly calling and offers for many movies. But suddenly I became a victim of depression.

What was the year that should have been the best for me, I did not know what happened to me in the same year that I went into depression. But then I got the character of Tigmanshu Dhulia's Saheb Biwi. I am grateful to them, I will never forget that they believe in me in such a way.

Apart from Mahi Gill in 'Family of Thakurgganj', Jimmy Shergill, Saurabh Shukla, Pawan Malhotra, Supriya Pilgaonkar and Nandish Sandhu are also seen in important roles. It is directed by Manoj Jha and its producer is Ajay Singh Rajput. The film will be screened in theaters on July 19.

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