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Shah, Owaisi spar over NIA modification invoice | Owaisi stated – Don’t present a finger, I can’t be afraid; Shah stated – add a behavior of listening too – jj

Shah, Owaisi spar over NIA modification invoice | Owaisi stated – Don’t present a finger, I can’t be afraid; Shah stated – add a behavior of listening too


  • NIA amendment bill passed on Monday in Lok Sabha
  • During the discussion when BJP MPs were speaking, Amit Shah, angry with Owaisi's protest
  • Shah told Owaisi – fear is in your mind

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 15, 2019, 07:32 PM IST

new Delhi. On Monday, the National Investigation Agency (Amendment) Bill 2019 was passed in the Lok Sabha. During this discussion, there was a sharp debate between Home Minister Amit Shah and MIMIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi. Owaisi told Shah that do not show a finger, I am not afraid. Shah on this said that they are not scaring anyone. But they can not help him too, who feared in Javan.

Actually, during the discussion on NIA bill, BJP MP and former police commissioner Satyapal Singh from Baghpat were talking about him. He was telling that in one case a political party leader was pressurizing the police commissioner of Hyderabad to change the investigation. The Commissioner was told that if they do not do this they will be transferred. He said that he was the Mumbai Commissioner at that time, so the information about this matter is.

Satyapal Singh – Owaisi

On this, Owaisi said that Satyapal Singh should keep all records in the House in this case. On this, Amit Shah said that the ruling party MPs do not touch him while keeping the talk of opposition leaders, so the opposition party should also do it, hence the opposition party should do the same.

Put a habit of hearing opposition MPs- Shah

Shah, pointing to Owaisi, said that opposition MPs should have a habit of listening. On this, Owaisi asked to not show finger while protesting. They said that they are not afraid. Shah on this said that when fear is in your jan, what can I do?

Amit Shah is not God – Owaisi

Outside the House, Owaisi said that those who do not support BJP's decisions, they (BJP leaders) call it anti-national. Have they opened the National and anti-National shop? Amit Shah raised the finger and threatened. But he is the only Home Minister, there is no God, no god. They should read the rules first.

National conservation reforms – government

The Government emphasized on Monday that expanding the power to investigate agency by NIA amendment bill is part of the policy against terrorism and it is in national interest. At the same time, Congressman Manish Tewari alleged that the government wants to convert India into a 'Police State' by amending laws like NIA, UAPA, Aadhaar. Tiwari said that investigation agencies are misused for political change. He said that it should be kept in mind that unless a person is proved guilty, then he is innocent.

Home Minister G Kishan Reddy said that the bill will increase the scope of NIA investigation and it will also be able to investigate matters related to Indian and Indian assets abroad, which has been targeted for terrorism. He said that it has also been said that the right to investigate issues related to human trafficking and cyber crime has been said.

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