Simon Taufel says Ampires are incorrect in world cup remaining england vs new zealand | Toufel, who was one of the best umpire for five instances, mentioned – England have been to get 6 runs, 5 runs in over throw


  • According to the rule, when the batsmen cross each other, the runs over the over throw
  • Stokes and Rashid, who took second run on the throw of Guptill, did not cross each other

Dainik Bhaskar

Jul 15, 2019, 05:06 PM

Sports desk In the 50th over of Lord's World Cup Finals, England were given 6 runs on the over-throw of Martin Guptill in the 50th over. This decision of the umpires has been incorrectly terminated by ICC's former umpire Simon Taufel. He said that according to ICC rules, England should have got only 5 over this over throw. If that were the case then instead of being tie, instead of being tie in favor of New Zealand.

Toufel has been selected umpire of the year 5 times

Toufel is considered to be the best umpire of this century. He has won the ICC Umpire of the Year award five times. Taufel had umpiring in 74 Tests and 174 ODIs and 34 T20s. He retired from umpiring in 2012. He first umpiring in international match in 1999. The umpires were also in the final of the Taufel 2011 World Cup.

According to Taufel, why was the wrong decision of the umpire

Taufel told the Fox Sports interview that the penalty for joining the over and over runs was to rule.

  • He said – According to the ICC rules 19.8, if the ball goes over the over throw, then the runs completed by the batsmen also add to it.
  • "If the batsmen have crossed each other before throwing, then the run is also added in the over throw."
  • "If the batsmen did not cross each other before throwing the throwers throw, then the run would not be added."
  • In fact, when Guptill had thrown the throw on the fourth ball of 50th over, then Stokes and Rashid had completed one run. However, when the throw was thrown, he could not cross each other for the second run. Before reaching the throw, Stokes had reached the crease, but then the ball moved from his bat to the boundary. According to Taufel, in such a situation he should have got only 5 runs, not 6 runs.

Stokes said – sorry forever

In the match, New Zealand scored 241 runs in the first match. Going to chase the target, the hosts needed 15 runs to win in the last over. On the fourth ball of the same over, Ben Stoke tried to take another shot by taking a shot on the on-side. At that time, Martin Guptill, who was present there, threw towards the stumps. The ball stretched across the boundary with the stick of the stoke. The umpire added four runs from the boundary to the England account of the four batsmen. After the match, Stokes had said that he would be regretful for lifting the ball off the ball and going through the boundary.

Both match and super over were tied

For the first time in the World Cup history, Super Over was played in the final. This is also the first time that both match and super over are tied. New Zealand scored the first 241 runs. England were all out on 241 runs England scored 15 runs in the Super Over. New Zealand did the same with the target, but missed out on making a necessary run for the win. Subsequently, England, which, according to ICC rules, has been declared the winner of more boundaries. In the entire match, England scored 26 and New Zealand 17 boundaries.

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