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This video reimagines the iPhone as a retro Macintosh – jj

This video reimagines the iPhone as a retro Macintosh


Imagine if Apple, instead of inventing something completely new for its original iPhone design, had maintained the look of its iconic Macintosh or the iMac G3. The phone would be more eye-catching than the all-glass gadget we have now, if designer FuturePunk’s imagined, digital 3D models are any indication. This week, he published a look at what he thinks Apple could have created if it modeled the iPhone off either of those PCs. He recreates their commercials, too, except starring the phones.

While, yes, it would be completely impractical to have a phone fully based on either of these computers, particularly the Macintosh with its clunky keys, a transparent iMac G3-style iPhone would be incredible, especially in the classic “Bondi blue.” FuturePunk is selling a Blender file of his digital 3D models, if you’re interested in playing around with one there, too. But for now, bask in the glory of the commercials; enjoy the idea of a transparent iPhone; and gaze upon your current iPhone with disdain.



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