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When Amit Shah got here to Owaisi 'anger' – jj

When Amit Shah got here to Owaisi 'anger'


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In the Lok Sabha on the NIA (National Investigation Agency) and the power boss, investigating the terrorist attacks in India, there was a fierce debate between Home Minister Amit Shah and MP Asaduddin Owaisi of Hyderabad.

NIA amendment bill 2019 was passed on Monday in the Lok Sabha. With this amendment, NIA has been given the strength to investigate the attacks on cyber crime, human trafficking and Indians in foreign countries. This bill will now have to be passed in the Rajya Sabha and will be implemented after the signature of the President.

MPs of opposition in the Lok Sabha filed various objections on this bill. The opposition said that from the bill, India will move towards the police state and also the possibility of misuse of power. Although the government has convinced the opposition that nothing like this will happen.

Raising the question on this bill, Owaisi said, "If you send NIA to investigate abroad, then what kind of power will it have that will not have been before. You can not compare with USA and Israel. India can not compare India with those who look into sovereignty of others. You are talking about giving such powers to NIA in the name of this bill which has no solid foundation.

During the debate on this bill during which BJP MP Satyapal Singh was claiming that opposition MPs and owosi intervened, Amit Shah expressed his determination while interfering in the debate. Satyapal Singh during the debate alleged that the Hyderabad Police Commissioner was pressurized to change the direction of the investigation in a particular case.

Singh said that when he was the police commissioner, he got the information. Owaisi, while expressing his strong objection to this remark, asked Satyapal Singh to present evidence.

Meanwhile, Shah got up from his seat and said that do not speak in the Owaisi Beach. Shah said, "Owaisi Saheb and Sabka Secularism have emerged very clearly. When Raja Saheb was speaking, why not stand? They talked a lot, but we kept listening to it comfortably. Add a habit of listening too Owaisi Saheb Will not do this way. Have to hear.

Amit Shah also targeted Manmohan Singh's UPA government for repeal of anti-terror law POTA. Shah said that POTA was terminated by referring to the alleged misuse of the government but it was also an exercise to save the vote bank.

Amit Shah asked all the parties to support this bill.

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