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Whitney Houston in her personal phrases: A transparent look into her soul – jj

Whitney Houston in her personal phrases: A transparent look into her soul

I produced this video in 2010 as a demo of how we could repurpose our library of movie star interviews… Whitney Houston gave us a long and intimate look into …



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  1. Yes she told of her pain…. money…..fame… doesn't mean to have it all…you don't suffer pain…hurt.. or disappointment in your life. Your life is under scrutiny at all times……and one mistake you are about stoned to death and dragged….and belittled,… I can't cast not one stone…. I refuse to judge her.. I did not live in her world,.we.only know.what we saw..and did we see it correctly ?

  2. I will say this , Whitney believed in Jesus he never let her go . Life is filled with ups and downs good decisions and bad . Still God is there , nobody is perfect ! God is always there , Whitney fought hard , I believe God Blessed her with more than we see . And HE has her !

    This the worse pic of her. It's very disrespectful. If you really love her then you would have posted one of her amazing stunning pics. And there are thousands.

  4. I have seen celebrities in public on several occasions. I have made it a point never to approach them. Even if eye contact is made I just smile and give them a nod. Im sure they appreciate having privacy once in a blue mood. Poor Whitney. She was very good to people

  5. Around the four minute mark, Ms. Houston talks about how money not buying happiness. When I went looking for employment after college, my grandfather warned me that money won't buy happiness regardless of how much money you make. He even said that either you live within what that paycheck says or you pay a heavy price for not doing so. This two to three days after my father said that nobody is too good for a certain job, regardless of one's level of talent, education, or natural ability. I've never heard better advice in my life. We all need to live according to it if we're going to make it in the world today.

  6. I feel as soon as she truly start seeking out Jehovah those Satanic worshipers wanted her dead the devil greatest trick was making ppl believe he didn't​ exist she was going to expose him. The ones that murdered her know who they are Jehovah and do too.

  7. MÅ‚odzi,piÄ™kni,utalentowani..umierajÄ… za szybko.Presja , którÄ… niesie niesamowity talent,i zbyt ogromne oczekiwania od tzw.schoÅ‚ biznesu zabraÅ‚y już na drugÄ… stronÄ™ wiele osób.Może doceÅ„my współczesnych wokalistów, których naprawdÄ™ mamy…, a którzy sÄ… przedmiotem plotek,i kpin.Uszanujmy gÅ‚os,i talent.

  8. NippysGuard she has sung so many songe that are usually about love, dream, belief,… They truly help a lot of people go through their difficult days, I'm one of them. But sadly, she couldn't overcome bad things that happened to her own life. Maybe in another conception, her soul is just have another way to go, maybe her death is not really the end. I just got to say I love her very dearly, deep in my heart. I miss you, a very beaautiful soul, Whitney, thank you for inspiring me ♡

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