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Why are the Yogis singing within the Goshalas within the Raj? – jj

Why are the Yogis singing within the Goshalas within the Raj?


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Samiratmaj Mishra

Regardless of the measures taken by the state government to protect the cows in Uttar Pradesh, neither the plight of the cows is decreasing nor the deaths due to cows.

The case of the painful death of 35 cows in Prayagraj did not get cold anymore, there were reports of the death of dozens of cows from Ayodhya, Pratapgarh, Gonda and Mirzapur.

Five cows were killed in Prayagraj also in another Goshala on Sunday.

After the death of a large number of cows in Prayagraj's Goshala on Friday, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath again showed sternness in this matter.

On Sunday evening, in the video conferencing with district officials, he instructed them to take strict action against the safety of the cattle and cows.

Image copywrite
Samiratmaj Mishra

Officer suspended

In places where cows have died including several Prayagraj, many concerned officials have been suspended and some other punitive action has been taken against them.

In fact, thirty five cows died in a temporary goshha in Kadi village of Bahadurpur block of Prayagraj.

Affected officials said that cows died due to lightning, but according to the villagers, there was no such incident of lightning, but the death of the cows was due to the chaos prevailing in the Goshala.

However, postmortem reports later also caused the death of cows due to lightning.

Chief Vaidya of Prayagraj CS Verma said, "Postmortem was done to all 35 animals, due to the fall of electricity in the cattle area, there was spread of crises and the cows died."

Image copywrite
Samiratmaj Mishra

Bleached into the swamp?

But Dinesh Yadav, who lived only in the Kandi village, said, "Goshala was constructed by dividing the pond, due to rain the water was flooded in the pond and due to which the pond had been broken in temporarily, there was a swamp nearby Most of the cows died in the same swamp. "

The villagers claim that the number of cows culls is more than thirty-five and most of the cows have been buried near Ghoshala with the help of JCB machine.

At the death of cows in Prayagraj, the government had ordered an immediate high-level inquiry and the members of the Goseva Commission were asked to go there immediately.

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Image copywrite
Samiratmaj Mishra

Though the administration is telling the reasons for the death of cows, and the postmortem report is also being proved the truth of the administration, it is being said that the members of Gausava Commission, who went to the occasion like the villagers, do not believe it. Are there.

Although any member of the Goseva Commission is currently avoiding speaking anything on this issue, members of the Commission have accepted the irregularities of the Goshala in the discussion with the reporters present on the occasion.

In this case, after the strictness of the government, the administration of the animal has also started the investigation of animals in the Goshala. On the other hand, after the video conferencing on Sunday, the Chief Minister instructed the Commissioner of Prayag to investigate the aspects related to the death of cows.

According to the local people, this cows had only a place to keep fifty cows, whereas there were more than three and a half hundred cows and were suffering from hunger and thirst.

After Prayagraj, news of 30 cows died in Ayodhya. There are allegations that dead bodies of dead cows were buried with the help of JCB machine in the Goshala without post-mortem.

Image copywrite
Samiratmaj Mishra

Chief Minister's warning

In Mirzapur, more than two dozen animals died in a goshha on Sunday.

The Chief Minister has directed the suspension of eight officers, including Chief Medical Officer of Mirzapur, while three others including two District Magistrates have been served notice.

The Chief Minister warned that action would be taken against the guilty people under the Prevention of Criminal Prevention Act and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals in the event of recurrence of such incidents.

The Chief Minister has directed the joint responsibility of conducting of shelter sites, to the District Magistrate and Chief Medical Officer, to arrange proper arrangements for feeding, vaccination and shade.

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Apart from this, instructions have been given to take action against the village head, panchayat officer and the concerned animal husbandry after receiving complaints about keeping cow in schools.

The Chief Minister has also instructed that those who leave the cow's milk should be punished and fined.

Hundreds of cows have died in different places in Uttar Pradesh in the last one week. Most of the deaths are either due to hunger or in chaos in the goshalas.

Cows have also been killed due to the weather, because there is no proper arrangement in spite of all the efforts made in these goshas to avoid rain and rain fall.

The government has not only made arrangements for about two and a half million rupees in the budget for the construction and maintenance of cows, but additional taxes have been imposed on liquor and toll in the name of cows.

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