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Girls's Auto Insurance coverage – jj

Girls's Auto Insurance coverage

SulAmérica developed insurance with exclusive services and benefits for women: SulAmérica Auto Insurance. It is a car insurance with the feminine essence to offer even more safety and protection.

With Auto Seguro SulAmérica you have an exclusive service center and, in addition to the many special advantages, you can also contract the zero franchise. It works like this: if you hit the vehicle, we cover the damage even if the value of the repair falls below the deductible.

Your vehicle also has protection against damage caused by collision, fire, theft or theft, flood, falling object on the vehicle, in addition to damages to the tires or to the painting in case of collision or by acts of third parties. You have this protection guaranteed not only in Brazil, but also in Argentina, Paraguay and Uruguay.

And if you have been responsible for any collision or accident that results in material and / or bodily harm to third parties, we guarantee the payment of this expense with the coverage known as Civil Liability.

The additional coverages offered by SulAmérica Auto Insurance were thought of in each client's needs. We cover:

-Repair or replacement of your vehicle's windows, lanterns, headlights and mirrors
– Basic, special or executive reserve vehicle with free mileage for 7,15 or 30 days
-Extra costs in cases of full indemnity
– Costs of moral damages in cases involving third parties
-Access to vehicle accessories and equipment
-Many other toppings

Recruitment for all Brazil:
ALEXANDRE LOPES – Insurance Broker
phone: (11) 3424-1000


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