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ZEE Jankari: Is Home Airways situation is just like the rickshaw in India | ZEE Jankari: Can the home flight in India be like an e-rickshaw! – jj

ZEE Jankari: Is Home Airways situation is just like the rickshaw in India | ZEE Jankari: Can the home flight in India be like an e-rickshaw!


If you travel in the plane … or want to fly soon … then the next DNA analysis is for you. Today we are alerting you in a way because now the domestic flight in India can be like an e-rickshaw … because the partners of flying companies in India are saying that better management than their airline is now anybody Pan is in the shop.

Next time you go to the airport … it is possible that you have a dazzling airport … and the counter of the airline looks like a pan shop. You may be kidding about this, but today you need to take this very seriously, because it has a life of yourself and our thousands of people.

If an airline's partner says that his company is doing worse things than the Pan store … then it is very important to worry about it. That's why we are currently testing the DNA of Indigo Airlines, which has become a Pan Shop. IndiGo's share in India's domestic airline business is around 49 percent. More than 230 of its flights are taking flight between more than 60 cities every day.

But Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia, two partners of this company are fighting among themselves. Rakesh Gangwal has said that Rahul Bhatia, who holds a larger stake, is now running the Indigo poorly from any pan shop. Rakesh Gangwal has complained to the stock market tracking organization SEBI. He has also written a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman.

Indigo Airlines Inter Globe Enterprises Pvt. Ltd is part of Ltd. Rakesh Gangwal has 37 percent stake in this company. While Rahul Bhatia has the highest share of 38 percent. According to Rakesh Gangwal, Rahul Bhatia has the right to control Indigo's control rights. They are alleging that the directors of the company are not free to take decisions and that is why the management situation in Indigo has gone bad. Gangwal has written in a letter to Sebi alleging that Rahul Bhatia is building other companies who do business with Indigo. The audit committee is not being approved for this. He has said that 'Pan Shop' also works better with Indigo.

Rakesh Gangwal has said that one-sided decisions of Rahul Bhatia are being harmed by IndiGo's investors. Investors are losing trust in the company.

Rahul Bhatia has called these allegations baseless and said that Rakesh Gangwal is spreading lies and they have no evidence. He claims that Rakesh Gangwal is in charge of the company's management and by his consent, board officers are appointed.

Overall, Indigo's story is that internal competition is happening in Indigo, the country's largest airline this time. Its management is being said to have gone through the pan shop. Of course it will affect the company's staff. It will be affected by the company's planes and people traveling in Indigo will also be impressed by it.
People traveling in Indigo Airlines need to worry.

In India, DGCA has sent 4 notices to IndiGo Airlines, a regulatory body tracking passenger aircraft and their companies. In this notice, the questions of Indigo airlines have been questioned. These notices have been sent to the officers responsible for Flight Operations, Flight Training and Flight Safety. From this, you can guess that the situation is not satisfied with the safe flight in Indigo. Any aircraft can take off once … then the security of passengers aboard it depends entirely on the quality of its pilot and the technical condition of the aircraft. Seeing Indigo's internal battle does not seem to be very good for the staff, and the DGCA has questioned the safety of its aircraft and the safety of the aircraft.

Indigo started in 2006 … Then Rakesh Gangwal and Rahul Bhatia together started this airline. Indigo did a great job for about 2-3 years and then this low-cost airline expanded. In today's market share, it has become the number one airline in the country. But now things like Jet Airways and Kingfisher Airlines are becoming in the pipeline. Both of these companies are now closed. The last flight of Jet Airways was completed in April this year. Bad management is also affecting Indigo airlines.

In December 2018 Indigo's net profit fell to 75 percent. Since this controversy has started … IndiGo's share has dropped by more than 10 percent. The government is trying to sell the government to Air India continuously. But the government has not got any buyers yet. Air India is immersed in debt and without the help of the government, it is not able to afford even its expenditure.

Air India's economic condition is so bad that it is feared that after October this year, the company will not be able to pay its employees up to the salary. Another airline, Spice Jet, is also not good. The reason for this is Spice Jet's 13 Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft … whose flight is still halted, because only two such aircraft from Indonesia and Ethiopia had crashed due to technical malfunction. Spice Jet is India's third largest airline in terms of 14 percent market share. But its net profit fell to 77 percent.

There are many other reasons for volatility in Aviation sector. When fuel prices go up, airlines have a deficit. What costs come in blowing a plane … the fuel cost is 45 percent. And in the last one year, the fuel of the aircraft was 30 percent expensive. Therefore, when there is a rupee fall in comparison to the dollar, airlines still lose.

But when the management of an aircraft company is also lower than the Pan store … then the costly fuel and the strong dollar … will be seen like a slowdown bonus in the worst phase of an aircraft company and at this time the Indigo Airlines That's what's happening with.

In today's world, airlines are going through bad times all over the world. Companies in the aviation sector are going to exceed 60 thousand crore. If the civil aviation industry is to be strengthened then in the next 3 to 4 years it will require funding of 35 thousand crores.

But despite the growing demand, these companies are surprised by the loss in these markets like India. Government is connecting small towns of the country with air routes. Plans are being planned to take advantage of short-term flights. In this case, there is hope for future for this sector. India is the third largest after the US and China in the aviation sector.

In India, the number of people traveling in the plane every year is about 18 percent. Between 2018 and 2019, the number of people traveling in the plane was more than 24 crores. In the year 2020, this number is expected to reach 300 million. In April 2017, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said one thing with the beginning of the flying plan ie "the common citizen of the country" …. He had said that his government's goal is to get people to wear an airplane and also go on an airplane. The goal of the flight scheme is to make the regional air travel cheaper and better in the country, so that people can travel by plane even as the train fares. But it is necessary that common Indian plane tickets are cheap … along with his travels are also safe.

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