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Zee Jankari: Mahua Moitra and his fascism towards Zee Information | ZEE JANKARI: Mahua Maitra is giving examples of fascism by suppressing the voice towards him. – jj

Zee Jankari: Mahua Moitra and his fascism towards Zee Information | ZEE JANKARI: Mahua Maitra is giving examples of fascism by suppressing the voice towards him.


Now we will do a small analysis of the intolerance of Trinamool Congress MP Mahua Moitra.

Mahua Moitra has declared an undeclared war against Zee News and on the basis of our report shown on June 25 in the Parliament by the Speaker, he has filed a criminal defamation case against me in the lower court of Delhi. The next hearing of this case will be on July 20. Earlier in the Lok Sabha on July 4, he had proposed to breach the privilege of breach of Privilege Motion against me.

On June 25, Mahua Moitra gave a speech in Parliament and said that fascism has come in India. In this speech, there was a mention of a poster in the Holocaust Museum in the US. In which sign of the entry of fascism in any country were written. In our analysis, we had told that the speeches given in parliament were not his original ideas. They raised this idea from somewhere else and by doing so they hurt India's dignity.

This whole affair is moving around the freedom of expression of Mahua Moitra as an MP and the freedom of expression as a journalist. We criticized his speech, then he came with the Breach Of Privilege Motion in Parliament and the extent of intolerance, that he has now even filed a criminal defamation case against me, by mentioning the word fascism that he used in the temple of democracy in India The image of it was hurled. It seems that using the same thinking now and trusting power of the people, they have gone to court because, behind them is the Trinamool Congress, money and they also have the support of Mamta Banerjee. Ironically, Mahua Moitra is giving the biggest example of fascism, by pressing every voice that rises against it. They are trying to crush the freedom of expression. What a great contradiction – that on 25 June Mahua Moitra's speech was focused on fascism and freedom of expression. So today, it is important to remind them about their speech.

Mahua Moitra is saying that the constitution is in danger
Narendra Modi controls the entire media.
The country is threatened with the spirit of nationalism.
The questions are not even tolerated.

Mahua Moitra has tried to run an agenda in the name of freedom of expression in a manner. When it comes to their freedom of expression, then everything is fine. But, when I, or someone else, think of yourself as a Freedom Of Expression, then Mahua Moitra and his supporters get annoyed with us. An agenda is run against us on social media and we try to create such an environment that we can not say anything even if we want to. For this, all the limits of civilization are also made to abate and abusive. And Breach Of Privilege Motion is also brought in Parliament. Do not believe, then see yourself, Mahua Moitra did what he did within the parliament using his expression of freedom … and how he had treated Zee News with the team outside the Parliament.

Mahua Moitra mentioned the author of Martin Longman outside parliament. This is the same person, who had made a tweet using objectionable language on 2 July and in his tweet the words of Assholes had hurt India's image. We feel that the case of defamation should be registered against such people.

We are not afraid of fascist thinking and hatred in West Bengal politics. Zee News will also stand with complete fearlessness and will ask the question of every person in the country, who will compare our democracy with fascism. Our greatest strength is you and we have full faith that you will stand behind us with all the might. Today, once again we would like to repeat the same thing with full force that we are proud of our nationalism, we are not sorry. If there is an intellectual terrorism spreading in our country with imported ideas, then we will oppose it, and we do not regret it. We will continue to question the people who have called fascism for our nationalism and will keep answering the thinking that discourage India on the name of fascism.

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