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Barabanki: Ghaghra river on hazard mark, panic in villages, folks go away their properties. village degree begin of migrating after water degree – jj

Barabanki: Ghaghra river on hazard mark, panic in villages, folks go away their properties. village degree begin of migrating after water degree



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Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 18:36 (IST)

Barabanki. From the water level of the ever increasing Ghaghra river, the danger of flooding of water in the coastal villages has increased. Cutan is also being done very fast in the village. The biggest problem is that the villagers of Village Tapra, in Sirolegauspur area, are getting their land and farming land cut into the river. They are migrating to the embankment by fleeing the village. Along with Tapra, there is also a decline in Telwari village. Apart from this, land of Kachanpur, Korinpurwa and Jiyanpurwa in Ramnagar area is also being cut. The villagers are troubled by the fear of floods and emissions. Given the rising water level of the river, the administration is also on alert and is claiming to provide all possible help to flood affected people. However, the help from rural administration is telling the cumin in the mouth of the camel.

village level start of migrating after water level

The water level of the Ghaghra river is constantly increasing. There is a possibility of crossing the danger mark of Ghaghra in the coming days. From the rising water level of the Ghaghra river, there is a panic in the villagers with the influx coming from the Ghaghra river in Sirauli Gauspur, Ramnagar and Fatehpur tehsil of the district. Ghaghara has taken the land of hundreds of bigha and hundreds of bigha cultivation land in Tapra village of Sirolegauspur. People here are forced to evacuate their homes and flee to safer places. Apart from this, many villages have started flooding the flood water, thereby causing the danger of floods.

village level start of migrating after water level

At present, looking at the vivid form of the river Ghaghra, there is rural panic. Their embarrassment is about crying out from the rural house to the fields cut into the river. They say that water comes flood every year and swallows houses along with fields. If the fields are not there then how will they survive? The rural administration is seeking permanent solution to this problem. With the introduction of a lease of land, the villagers are demanding a lease of agricultural land.

There is complete preparation of the Ghaghra River flood. The coastal villages are being alerted about the increase of flood water. The teams of related departments are active for flood relief and rescue. The water level of the river is below the danger mark. All sensitive places are being inspected. Cutters and Tapes have been built. Preparations for relief and rescue are being done in flood affected areas.

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