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Newbie Metal Mace Exercise – jj

Newbie Metal Mace Exercise

For more, check out my new ebook: GADA Swing, Guide for Kettlebell & Steel Mace Strength Training. Go here on my website to check it out: https://www.coachvaughn.net/programs/gada-swing-by-coach-vaughn-guide-for-kettlebell-steel-mace-strength-training

Be sure to S W I T C H your grip on all exercises demoed in video
Comment if have any questions:
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Mace 360’s: 10Reps L/R / 4 Sets
Ballistic Curl: 30-45seconds / 3 Sets

Lap Squats: 10reps L/R / 3 Sets (for either or both)
…with toss: 30 seconds

Rebel Presses: 5reps L/R / 3 Sets
Upper-cuts: 15reps L/R / 2-3 Sets
Beginner Steel Mace Workout by Coach Vaughn.


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  1. Guys need one advice. I have been using steel mace for a month now. Recently I have developed pain in my left shoulder blade, I am not sure if this is due to the mace but has anyone experienced such pain and what steps have you taken to fix it.

  2. I'm 5'8 and about 165lbs. I'd say I have above average strength for my size. I exercise pretty regularly at the gym, but im completely new to this. I ordered a 15lb mace and wonder if it will be too heavy. Can a beginner of my size start at 15lbs if I am careful with my form? Great video btw and thanks!

  3. I know what the end you said the sledgehammer is not the best replacement for the steel mace. My gym has a few steal maces but I workout at home from time to time when I can't make it to the gym. Would you say a sledgehammer is a decent replacement just for at-home workouts or would you suggest not using a sledgehammer at all?

  4. Hey everyone, released a new ebook: GADA Swing. Features over 60+ manual pages on how to utilize the kettlebell and steel mace with over 130+ hyperlinked professional videos and 40 program workouts broken down into three levels for beginners, intermediate, and advanced athletes; plus 4 bonus steel mace tire striking workouts .You can purchase a copy here: https://www.coachvaughn.net/programs/gada-swing-by-coach-vaughn-guide-for-kettlebell-steel-mace-strength-training

  5. I have the 25 pound steel mace and it is a little on the heavy side for me. I am a strong guy but I know it is just going to take some time to practice some main movements. Mainly just the 360s is something I really have to choke up on. Any other recommendations on some main exercises or should I just follow the workout in the video?

  6. well it sucks all the pussies grabbed the lighter maces so they have been out of stock for weeks. now im practicing this with the 25 because that was all that was available. just doing pendulums is a workout lol my shoulders are fucked.

  7. Coach Vaughn, I have a question. If I am new, beginner, could I do this rountine 4-5x a week to teach my body the movements? I have been using kettlebells for awhile, but 360's feel really stiff right now. I am using a 10lbs mace and that feels about right for me.

  8. what would you recommend to get a more intense workout when using lighter weight. I'd prefer a 15-20lb mace. i came across a 10lb'er for practically nothing. it's a bit light for my taste. any suggestions on how to get most out of it?

  9. I just learned about the macebell the other day (very interesting looking equipment). Are there any exercises done while moving?? For example, performing an exercise while walking forwards or backwards? I'm guessing if the macebell used to be a weapon then there must be techniques/exercises while in motion?

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