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Ben Stokes creates world champion however father is getting abusive – jj

Ben Stokes creates world champion however father is getting abusive


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Fate has played an important role in England's World Cup victory on the Lords ground, but the team is going to reach the milestone, Ben Stokes.

When Kiwi bowlers had sent the pavilion to England's top order, Ben Stokes got out and his knock-out innings of 84 scored the first match to the tie.

After that, Stokes scored eight runs in 15 overs in Super Over. However, the match was also tie in Super Over. In this case, the World Cup champions decided on the basis of the boundary, in which Ben Stokes batted with seven six boundaries, including two sixes.

Of course, if England becomes World Champion, Ben Stokes is the biggest contributor to it. Only then did the English captain Owen Morgan have to say that Stokes Allmort is like Super Human.

What's also interesting is that Ben Stokes was born in Christchurch, New Zealand and his father had played for New Zealand's national rugby team.

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When Stokes was 13 when his family settled in England, hardly his family would have thought that one day it would come when Stokes would lose New Zealand World Cup.

At least his father, Gerard Stokes, would have thought that he had returned to his country, his city, Christchurch after staying in England for some years, where he was watching the final match on TV at his home on Sunday and won the victory of New Zealand. Were praying

It was mentioned by TV commentator Nasser Hussain repeatedly that the father would be trying to win New Zealand, but the son is moving toward winning the England.

Ben Stokes's father is also very excited about his son's fantastic game, but an interesting story has appeared in New Zealand's website 'Stuff' that how Ben Stokes's father became the most hated Dad in New Zealand after the final match.

The final was not the first time when Ben Stokes played the match-winning innings, at least five times in this World Cup, he batted on the wicket in an important time for England.

Ben Stokes is a truly cricketing all-rounder in the eyes of many analysts who look into their original form of cricket. Many people have been getting a glimpse of the mighty all-rounder like Gary Sobers and Ian Botham, in which there is a great scope for showing off the bat.

The 28-year-old Stokes is a right-handed bowler, but he has been batting in the middle order with the left hand bat. Ben Stokes's name in the 52 Test matches, besides 127 wickets, is six centuries, while in 95 ODIs he has scored three centuries with 70 wickets. His biggest score in Test matches is 258 runs.

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Bad boy

Interestingly, the all-rounder Ben Stokes had been a bad boy of English cricket until yesterday. The video of their scramble outside of Bristol's nightclub in 2016 made him his identity. They also arrested and approached the court.

The Ashes series was considered to be the most important for any English and Australian cricketer, but due to this controversy, he did not play the Ashes that year.

In June 2016 alone, Ben Stokes was found guilty of driving fast in England four times.

Although he was not the first time too Prior to that, in 2011 too, alcohol drunk had clashed with traffic police in Durham.

In 2012, the police caught him in a state of intoxication, but then he was left warned.

In 2013, he was sent back from the Australian tour with Matt Coles. The allegation was that he was not worried about the team discipline in the liquor drunk.

They have been engaging with the opposition players even on the cricket field. Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and Bangladeshi cricketer Sabbir Rahman have not forgotten his controversy Cricket lover

Not only that, in the one-day match against Australia in the Lords in 2015, they stopped Mitchell Starc's throw.

But after the World Cup final, Ben Stokes is the new English superstar of English cricket. The knockout out of the nightclub, although he gave them an identity but by making England the World Champion, created such a charisma which will always be given a precedent.

Ben Stokes for England, who gave birth to cricket, has waited for 44 years of World Cup win.

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