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bombay highcourt ban on coastal street mission | Bombay Excessive Court docket bans Mumbai coastal street mission – jj

bombay highcourt ban on coastal street mission | Bombay Excessive Court docket bans Mumbai coastal street mission


new Delhi : The Bombay High Court has banned Mumbai's Coastal Road Project. The High Court has canceled the construction permission in the Coastal Regulation Zone. Under the Environmental Impact Assessment Notice, construction can not be made without environmental clearance, the Bombay High Court said in the order. Also, approval is also required under the Wildlife Protection Act. Near the coastal road Nariman Point, from the Prince Street Flyover to Kandivli, there is a plan to make the road by breaking down the coast (reclaim). So that the South Mumbai business district could connect Nariman Point directly to the suburban areas like Malad, Kandivali, Borivali.

It takes longer than two hours
By now Western Expressway connects areas like Kandivali, Borivali with Nariman Point. But there is heavy traffic on peak time when coming and going from office. It takes more than 2 hours to decide this distance right now. But the claim is that this distance will be fixed in approximately half an hour after the coastal road project is formed. It will also be beneficial to reduce the burden on local trains and Western Expressway from western suburban areas. This means that there will be fewer crowds in local trains. While it may be easier to travel even on Western Expressway. Sewing will be saved in the fuel.

Project cost was estimated at Rs 14,000 crore
The cost of this project, about 29 kilometers long, is estimated to be around 14,000 crore. While making this project, two major infrastructure companies of the country are making HCC and L & T. In total, about 168 hectares of coastal coastline in the project have to be leveled to make the road. Work on the coastal road project was started from October last year. The first part i.e. from Princes Street Flyover to Worli is to be completed by mid 2022. In addition to the seafront road apart from Girgaum Chowpatty and Malabar Hills, apart from the underground tunnel, there is a bridge. About 19 km coastal road is to be constructed in Phase 2 from Bandra to Kandivli.

Benefits of Coastal Road Project
– Kandivali's journey from Narmiman Point in about 30 minutes
-North time to reach Nariman Point-Kandivli 2 hours
There will be another way for those who live in the suburban suburb
-Week crowd at Western Train, Western Express on Peak Time
Advantages of Maulad, Goregaon, Kandivali, Borivli Area
-Various trekk at Vestern Expressway, relief on becoming
-If delays in project, increase in traffic, cost both

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