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Dalits, the longest bridge in Gujarat, stopped engaged on Ambedkar's elimination Dalit caste protest for ambedkar statue in gujarat – jj

Dalits, the longest bridge in Gujarat, stopped engaged on Ambedkar's elimination Dalit caste protest for ambedkar statue in gujarat



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Updated: Tuesday, July 16, 2019, 15:48 (IST)

Vadodara The longest bridge being built in Vadodara city in Gujarat has been stopped. According to the contractor, to carry forward this work, the statue of Babasaheb located in this path will have to be removed. However, the anger of the Dalit caste has erupted about the statue. The warnings of fierce movement by the dalits have been given. As the dispute increases, the contractor has pulled back his hand.

Dalit caste protest for ambedkar statue in gujarat

According to the correspondent, a bridge is being constructed from the Ganges Circle to Manisha Chowk at a cost of 250 crores in the city, but the statue of Babasaheb Ambedkar on Race Course Circle is coming in the way of this bridge. To carry out the work of the bridge, it is necessary to remove this statue. The contractor informed the municipality about this.

Regarding the matter of the contractor, the officials of the municipality have also been caught in difficulties and even before making some of their decisions, there is a strong protest by the Dalit organizations. The Dalits have demanded to build the bridge without removing the statue. Along with the removal of the statue, the warning of the movement has also been given. As a result, the work of the bridge has been stopped at the moment.

However, no such difficulty has been denied by the deputy mayor of the municipality and the Dalit leader. For the work of the bridge, it has been termed as a rumor. At the same time, during the work of this bridge, there is no damage to the statue, hence the assurance of keeping it covered.

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