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Donald Trump insisted, "I'm not a racist" – jj

Donald Trump insisted, "I'm not a racist"


Trump insisted, 'I am not a racist'Image copywrite

Twitter assault on four women MPs of the US President Donald Trump is being widely criticized, people are calling them racist. After which President Donald Trump insisted that he is not a racist.

Trump had advised four women MPs – who are US citizens – "leave them" to the United States.

Responding to his criticism, Trump tweeted, "Those tweets were not racist, I am not a racist."

His statement comes when, in the United States, a preparatory proposal is being made to bring a proposed proposal to condemn his comments in the House of Representatives.

There is no legal obligation on this proposal, but it is believed that it will be passed in the House of majority of the Democrats.

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Before this, women MPs – Alexandria Okasio Cortez, Rashida Talib, Ayyan Presley and Ilhan Omar, who were targeted by trump, dismissed their remarks as a distractionist.

He appealed to the American people to ignore these comments on a press conference on Monday.

The President did not name the names of these women in his initial tweets on Sunday, but people from the context understood that these tweets have been made for the Democratic women MPs – who are called Sqwad.

They raised a controversy by saying that these women are basically from those countries whose governments are completely devastating.

While three of these women were born in America and the fourth Omar was born in Somalia, but came to America only in childhood.

After the dispute increased, four women told reporters that they want the President's policies to be looked after again.

Presley said, "This is an attempt to distract attention from the horrific chaos and corrupt culture of this administration."

Talib and Omar have reiterated the allegation of impeachment against Trump.

On Tuesday, Trump accused these women of saying "very bad and hateful things".

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What did women MPs say?

Presley dismisses the comments of President Donald Trump, saying it is an attempt to "press and quiet" us.

He said that in our sequence, every person is involved who wants a legitimate world.

Four women stressed that there should be a focus on the health services, gun violence and especially the immigrants' detention on the borders of the US from Mexico.

Omar said, the eyes of history are watching us. They have condemned the "deportation of impressions and human rights violations on the border."

Omar said that Trump's "racial attack" on non-European American women is "the agenda of white nationalists." They also said that the President wants to share the country.

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What is the dispute about?

On Friday, Okasio Cortez, Rashida Talib, Aiyana Presley told about the conditions of a migratory detention center in front of the House Committee. All three came here visiting this center.

He expressed concern over the wrong behavior being done with people "under American flag".

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Brendan Smialowski / AFP

The President had tweeted in response to this saying that a lot of "good reviews" have been received regarding the children's detention center and the percentage of crime in the areas where the elders have been kept is very high.

Trump insists that the border is facing a crisis and they have also defended the action of their border agents.

His administration has also created a new rule, which has been effective since July 16.

According to this, those will not be granted asylum, who have not applied for safety in "at least one third country" falling in the way before crossing the southern border.

After the statement given to the committee of the houses of these women MPs, Trump attacked by tweet and said, "If you are not happy, if you keep complaining every time you can go."

Many ally American states including New Zealand and Canada have criticized Trump's comments.

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